Universal with the girls!


so we went to universal yesterday since rose has become obsessed with harry potter. we started the day at studios then headed over to islands of adventure. here’s some pics…


there was a lot more for kids at universal studios but we wanted to see harry potter so we didnt stay too long. stinks because we haven’t even scraped the surface of that park.


nina got to ride her first rollercoaster even though she was just a tad under the line. had it been disney, i’m pretty sure they would have said no. being a bad mom, i took her on anyways… here’s some random pics on our way to ioa.


we watched the simpsons drive by then went over to ioa.


we went right to wwohp which surprisingly wasn’t that aweful. we walked right in, stopped to talk to the conductor then got in line for three broomsticks. it was about an hour wait and tito didn’t enjoy the fish and chips as much as i had hoped:( but the girls ate really good. i got pumpkin juice and tito the hogs head ale. pumpkin juice does not go well with food. it is definitely a dessert drink.


we ate then headed off to forbidden journey. it was a 90 min wait and when that line is full, you do spend a lot of time in the greenhouse. they have garbage cans throughout the line but it looked like nobody ever emptied them. some idiot tossed there full thing of butterbeer and it fell and splashed on me and the people behind me. it was so gross. universal needs to figure this out because this would NEVER happen at disney. the girls were so amazed when we got into the castle. rose’s mouth was open in awe the whole time. nina was so cute waving and saying hi to harry when we were in the defense against the dark arts class. the cm’s were cracking up! then they made it snow in there and it sent her going crazy with excitement. i love that they think all of this is REAL!


after forbidden journey, which is just an amazing ride, we headed off to flight of the hippogriff. at first they weren’t going to let nina on but we went anyways. she was just at the line and we got her on. if it hadn’t been so close, i wouldn’t have broken the rules, she liked it but it did scare her a bit. it’s much faster than a typical kid coaster. her and rose loved waving and talking to buckbeak!


we then went to ollivanders to see the show and get rose’s wand. it was only a half hour wait. they put up chains so the queue makes more sense now. rose loved the show but was disappointed that she didn’t get picked. we then went to the owl post to try out wands for her. to my surprise she want hermione’s wand. ron is her favorite character so i assumed she would want his. when we were at 3 broomsticks, the girl behind us said they were out of hermione and harry wands. but our luck would have it, they just got them in and were stocking them as we were walking in. so we got her her wand and she was thrilled. the only problem is she doesn’t think she can go to hogwarts until she gets an owl lol!


after getting her wand we went to rider swap dragon challenge. while tito was on, rose was using her wand to slay the dragons. the cm’s complimented her on a job well done! we stopped and took some photos with the beaxbutons, and durmstang witches and wizards then headed off to suessland for fun.


suessland is my girl’s absolute favorite. we rode the sneetch train then played on the playground. last time we went in april they didn’t have water on the playground. had i known, i would have brought nina a change of clothes. she had so much fun running around and dunking her head in.


oops backtracking a sec, here are a couple cute pics from when we left wwohp…


after suessland we walked over to jurrassic park to take rose on the pteradon flyers. it’s one her FAVORITE rides. normally the wait for this is forever, but it was maybe 15 mins tops. it’s actually a really fun ride and i am so excited i have a kid small enough for me to go it with!!! after jurrassic park we took the bridge back to hogsmeade. wwohp is so amazing at night. my pictures are terrible but in reality is is eerie how real hogwarts looks at night. there is so much added at night. like the statues of the hogs, underneath in led lights it writes “harry potter and the forbidden journey” i definitely think that if you go to wwohp, you need to make sure you take it in t night also!


sorry about the not so good pics at night:( it truly is spectacular though. while we were there, we were able to catch a performance from the frog choir. they were terrible compared to the group that i saw the weekend before grand opening. i was really disappointed because the first group i saw was FANTASTIC. rose enjoyed them though and that’s all that matters. we ended up stopping to see a magic show that was cool but turns out it was a big sales pitch to buy some magic kits. rose was in awe, so that made it worth it! we got home about 1am and are exhausted, but it was a fun day!


I love your photos! and as for your children, oh my goodness they are so beautiful! I really enjoyed those, thanks so much for sharing. Can I just ask, are any of the CMs English? with HP being English I just wondered if there was any reference to this in the HP park or amongst the staff?


thank you:wub: i truly am blessed to have them in my life! as far as the cm’s, i don’t think i’ve seen one that was actually english although i am pretty sure there are some. but the main speaking characters (conductor, wand maker, spirit rally performers) all speak with british accents (some better than others). and through out the area most of the cast members do. they seem to get really into their roles and have fun! i think universal definitely paid attention to disney on how cm’s are supposed to act in a place like this.


Thanks for your report. I love your pictures. Your girls are so cute and looked like they had a lot of fun. I am thinking of taking my grandson, either on his September break or the February break from school.


thanks for the pics and the report looks like you all had fun.