I lost the fight, Dh decided that it will be te two of us December 12 thru December 17th at Universal - we will be staying at the Royal Pacific. 4 day park to park pass and 1+1 sea world pass.

I am excited to spend time with just him, we have NEVER been away together. Our honeymoon was our first family vacation.

Anyway, he tells me yesterday that December 2011 will be our last Disney trip - he has plans, but you know me - I’ll get him there again and again and again.:mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey:


LAST TIME THERE??? NOOOOOOOO. I just can’t bring myself to go to Universal. I have been there about 14yrs. ago and it did not thrill me at all. I guess I am just a Disney girl all the way.


You will have a great time at Universal!! It’s nice to have the “front of the line” passes since you will be staying there. Can’t wait to hear all about the trip.


Last trip ever? I have never been to Universal, but based on the comments I have heard and the pics, it looks great.


I guess I should have said, this is will be our only time to universal, but next december he said it will be my last trip to disney… I DON’T THINK SO!!!


If I know you Dee, you’ll find a way to get him back. :wink: A trip to Universal sounds great, we are thinking of doing that ourselves. We may (gasp) let our Disney passes expire and get Universal ones for one year to switch things up. The kids are getting older and really love the thrill rides, I really want to see WWoHP, and Disney will be there when we are ready. I really hope you and DH have a nice adults only trip.


The have places for people like this. The walls are padded so they won’t hurt themselves, and there is soft music. They have a SPECIAL song for HIS type.

Same song on a loop…sing along now - you know the words. "It’s a small world after all…: :whistling


We were going to go to Universal the weekend of Dec 10th but had to change it due to a family gathering. So now we are going Thanksgiving weekend. You will have a great time. The Royal Pacific is a nice resort. We are staying at Hard Rock…cant wait!


We’re actually doing Universal over Spring Break too…our 1st time…but we’re staying on Disney Property (DVC). Can’t wait to see the new Harry Potter attraction.


I was told that I can start planning next year, but I have no idea for how many right now. I know he wants to take the baby, I am hoping that the whole family can make it. That would be a grand gathering.


That would be very cool to have all of you go.