Universal...Monster High?


My daughter LOVES ( and I mean LOVES ) Monster High and she watched an episode of the series(?) online and it said it was a special on the Nickelodeon channel. Now, my query is…Nickleodeon is Universal isn’t it? Is the Monster High brand featured in the Universal Parks at all?

Thanks :happy:


I wasn’t aware of a show but my daughter loves the Monster High barbie dolls, are they the characters on the show and in the park? How cool! We need to go to Universal…


The brand Nickelodeon is still featured at Universal, but there is no longer a Nick Studio there. You may very well be able to get that merchandise in the parks. I have never heard of it and didn’t notice it when I was there.


If you have transportation you might want to check out the gift shop at the Nickelodeon Resort…I’m not exactly sure of the location, but it’s pretty close to WDW.


Very close… Towards the back of getting to FW


Oh thanks guys! What a great idea! You never know huh? Xxx


Great idea! Your best bet would be to go from DTD. Nick hotel is closest to the West Side than any other Disney attraction.


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