Universe of Energy


So it’s been my goal to start experiencing things I’ve never done at WDW…and there is A LOT I have skipped at Epcot.

Universe of Energy was one of the things on my to-do list, until I read in the Passporter that it’s 37 minutes long. :eek:

I know I must seem like such an impatient child, but 37 minutes is a long time for me to devote to an attraction unless it’s fireworks or a live show. Is UoE even remotely interesting/worth the trip? :blush:


I definitely think it is worth it. We have been on this since the opening of Epcot. However, we are debating on taking our ds that is just turning 3. Not sure if he can sit there that long. I definitely think you should do it at least once. Then decide for yourself if you think it is worth it.


We LOVE UoE!! Get there in time for the pre-show cause Ellen just cracks me up no matter how many times I see it! Please GO! You won’t regret it!


It goes fast. It is worth it.


OMG - this is one of our favorites. We absolutely HAVE to do this every time. I think it’s our only true must-do at Epcot.


Diz, you MUST see UoE! If only for the reason that it’s probably going to be the next extinct attraction. Seriously, it is a very “edjumacational” attraction but it IS very unique and interesting! Make sure you do it on your trip at least once!


Do it at least once- Esp since Alice wont be with you. Then you can enjoy it and not stress over it. Then you can say you did it and either love or hate it. Its very interesting and very entertaining but yes it is long.


It is definitely worth it. You really should give it a try. We enjoy it alot.


We enjoy it as well although we don’t do it every time. You should definitely catch it while you can as it may not be around for much longer.

It is long, but a nice break from the heat.


Yes. The preshow is corney but the ride is good (and don’t tell the kids) educational. Not a thrill ride but a nice relaxing journey back in time.


It is very relaxing. It is a nice break from the hot Sun.


We enjoy this very much. Do it during the middle of the day, it is a nice break from the heat and walking. We really like it.


We did this and I really enjoyed it, so did Mark. Noah loved the part with the dinosaurs and then kinda dozed off for the rest. What can I say…not that interesting for a 3 yr old, but great for the parents.


We love this attraction and it is very interesting


I thought it was closed… when did it reopen.


It doesn’t say on Disney’s Website that it is closed. I think it is open.


I’ve been know to dozzz… and been happier for it…

We wouldn’t do it every visit, but really do enjoy it and it’s an opportunity to recharge your own batteries. It can be a great break for both parents and little ones. We’ve been known to make a beeline for it when the sun is beating a little too strong or when the clouds open up.


It might be a good place for ds to nap for a little while.


I wasnt looking forward to going in this but it was really good and Ellen is really good fun.


Dizzy, I agree that you have to do it at least once. Ellen really adds a lot to the ride. I think you will enjoy it.

My kids just love it. They always call each other “Stupid Judy” all day long after we ride.