Unlimited Fastpass for $150? Ugh!


Ah, once again the rumers are swirling around and it seems that after numerous suveys w/guests at WDW and DL, an additional “add on” option for an unlimited fastpass (similar to what you can purchase at Universal) is back on the table.

Personally I am completely against it… but click the link below and read what Nick w/ Theme Park Tourist has to say…

What do you think?

The Big Debate: Should Disney introduce an “unlimited” FASTPASS option? | Theme Park Tourist


I would not be in favour of this either, and believe it could potentially be a disaster. However, I think at $150.00 for a DAY’s use, there wouldn’t be that many takers…or would there? At the moment the FP system seems very fair and very well orchestrated.


I think it would be highly unfair to offer it to guests as a paid item. Would I want to pay for it? Yes, but I would still think that it is not fair.

Right now, you pay your high entrance fee into the park, and that should be enough. Everyone then gets a fair shot at the rides, and it evens out the rides. Once you add in fast pass for a fee, it takes away the benefit of the fast pass… Look what the dining plan did to the dining reservations for everyone… same thing will happen to the rides.


i dislike fast pass in the first place. I so hope this doesn’t happen! :-/


I don’t like the idea of paying for fastpass. I think the system that have right now is wonderful…everyone gets a chance, and doesn’t have to pay for it. I don’t think it is right to ask for more money, after the amounts we are already paying for the parkpasses.


There is something similar at Great Adventure. Some kind of pass you can buy on different levels. One lets you right to the front of the line and one lets you to the front of the line and to ride twice.
I am not in favor of this either. It makes everyone else have to wait longer.


If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. And right now it ain’t broke.


What she said.


I agree too! Love FP the way it is now.


Leave the fastpass system alone, it works the way it is.


How “unlimited” for $150?
Not even considering that $150 is way too much.


I am soooooo against this! How fair would it be for those first time guests who saved and saved to take their family to WDW only to have to wait longer in lines because of the “fast pass elite”? I assume that the $150 is per person. I know I couldn’t afford an additional $600 a day in the parks. We pay a lot to be in the parks already and the system seems to work just fine as it is…find another way to squeeze more money out of the elite that visit Disney us common folk just can’t afford it.


Aside from the cost, there have been times fast pass hasn’t been so fast. You might skip a million people in the soaring line, but you still have to wait once you get pass the check point. The other day we took our DGD on soaring and test track, both with fast passes and it took well over an hour for the two rides. Of course the people in the standby lines waited a lot longer, but still it’s not like with a fast pass you are always on and off a ride in 10 min.


This works against the reason why Disney outshines all its competition. For us, one of the things that I’ve always loved about Disney is that the Magic of the parks is for everyone who enters, no matter what your income bracket.

Universal doesn’t even tempt me when I am in Florida. It is probably really fun, but I can’t bear to leave the magic of WDW once I am there. If I were Disney, I wouldn’t mess with what they’ve got.

I LOVE FP. I think its very fair in that EVERYONE can use it. I like it because it feels like a game to me and I try to work it better and better ever time we go. I think offering unlimited to anyone who can afford it would be in contrast to what Walt wanted his parks to be and I don’t think its ever a good idea to move in the opposite direction of the creator’s core values.


I am not a fan of this idea (and as SG mentions, $150 is very expensive anyway). A few thoughts:
1- Truthfully, I doubt many people would shell out $150 per person per day for this option. It doesn’t seem like this would really affect us “normal” people very much. I would be more worried if Disney LOWERED the price and made this option more popular. Then we might see an impact.
2- A survey I once did asked about how I would feel about guests at higher priced resorts getting more fastpasses at a time (vs the one until your next FP window opens). So a guest at GF might get unlimited FPs while a guest at Pop might be limted to one FP per ride perday, or something like that. (This was an example, not an actual statement from WDW). Even though we stay deluxe now, that tiered system seemed slightly off-putting to me.
3- We are staying for three days at Universal in April (after our stay at AKV). The price to stay on-site at Portofino Bay was on par with a deluxe at WDW (400+ per night for Easter week). The biggest perk for staying at Portofino Bay was the “front of the line access”. Universal has this perk at all three hotels no matter which one you stay at (although even the cheapest Universal hotel is still much more expensive compared to a value at WDW).


I say no way. I already can’t afford to visit WDW as much as I used to. In reading the other posts, I am happy that they haven’t changed the fast pass yet ( I hope they never do). I haven’t been to the parks in a number of years, and so many other things have changed (no meal passes at AK, no unlimited expiration of park tickets - unless you pay for that as an option - higher ticket prices, etc.). I understand the need to change with the times, and keep up with the competition…but, in my humble opinion, Universal really isn,t competiton for Disney…actually I see it the other way around. Shame on Universal for charging people extra money to line jump. Disney doesn’t need to stoop to that level to increase revenue.


I have to disagree 100% with everyone so far that no one or not many would pay the money for this option. I would definitely and I can’t believe that no one else thinks they would do it either if money wasn’t a consideration. This option would be alot more popular than many think and with the many construction projects going on(4 Seasons, homes on WDW property,etc.) there are many people that do have the $$$ to consider this option.


Well as far as line jumping, everytime I am at WDW I see many people that don’t pay for “line jumping” anyways but I already expressed my opinion many months ago about that situation. If you want to read about it look at the threads I have started and you will see the controversy it created here on MB.


I think if you can just buy the fast pass it would make the fast pass lines a lot longer. Seems like kind of a dumb thing to do. With having to use the system the way it is set up now doesn’t it limit how many fast passes are given out? Therefore the fast pass lines aren’t really crazy.

I didn’t really use fast pass when I was down in 2007 so I’m not totally sure how it’s set up but I know that I wouldn’t pay extra for it.


I’ve been in Six Flags parks far from home, for only one day and I’ve bought their fast pass (different parks have different systems and I like the electronic one best). When you’ve got 10 major coasters to deal with and only 8 hours to do them, that pass is invaluable.
On the other hand, I’ll have an annual pass from a sister Six Flags park, so I’m not paying extra for admission and a Six Flags pass only costs about $60-70 for the full year. In that case, dropping $80 for two people is not a bank breaker.
Before I condemn out of hand something that Disney is at this point only proposing I need to know all the details. Things like cost, how frequently you can use your pass, if it is only good one time for each ride, everything. I just don’t have details now, but unless it is priced much lower I don’t know how many times I’d bite.
I’ve long said it would be really great if Disney could do the room key fast pass like Universal does for their hotel guests, but we’re talking at most 3,000 rooms and two parks versus 40,000 rooms and four parks each of which is consistently in the top 7 in attendance year after year.