Unofficial Guide Color Companion


Has anyone purchased this?? I just came across it as I was browsing the website. I’m wondering if anyone has seen it and if it’s as awesome as it looks.

Unofficial Guide Color Companion — The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World


I just got it the other day at Barnes and Noble. It is good- a little bit of offbeat humor which I thought was kinda dumb LOL :slight_smile: I think there is a little too much “How to” and re-hashed tips for the seasoned traveler but I liked the photos.
I REALLY, REALLY like The Complete Guide to Walt Disney World (Julie and Mike Neal). The photos are fabulous. The new version was not very different from the one I have so I tried the The Color Companion. It seems to be a knock -off of the Complete Guide.
It is an ok addition to my books for when I need a quick Disney boost.


I use Google Earth for a fix.

Too cool