Unofficial Guide Rant


Anyone who reads my posts (all 2 of you), knows that I’m always pushing the Unofficial Guide as the Bible of WDW touring. I always go to the parks prepared to use the touring plans, in case of an unexpected heavy day in the value season. I bought the 2006 Edition long before I even knew we’d have a trip.

So what really burns my biscuits is after plunking down $18.99 + tax for the 2006 ed., Bob Sehlinger is now asking me to pay another $7 to access his website for touring plans geared for my younger kids. :dry:

I KNOW it takes a lot of time and money to put together the UG, but c’mon I bought the book. Shouldn’t that be enough? :angry:

I guess I’ll just adapt the generic plans in the book.

BTW, this is not an appeal for codes/access to the website. Thanks, but I wouldn’t feel right about using them.


Obviously I’m one of your 2 fans…

I agree with you. I hate getting nickled and dimed to death.


Would you believe that I’ve never read any of the guide books - official or unofficial.
Either way - it’s ridiculous to have to pay for the website after buying the book!


errrrg that is very frustrating! Maybe write a letter to the editor? and really push that you are an AVID fan of the book and how you buy it every year but just feel a bit “ripped-off”…

personally I’m a Burnbaum’s guide fan myself, I buy the book every year reguardless if I’m going or not :smile:


It should be enough! :mickey:


That’s for custom plans right? Just use the plans in the back of the book for younger kids. Why pay for something custom? You know the parks well enough to tweak them and besides, you aren’t going to need plans at that time of year. Get there when the parks open, tour the major rides first thing and the rest of the day is cake. There…touring plans by Dana and free…lol


I love the UG too… but I have bought them and bought them, and I find that the one I bought first, many years ago, works just as good as the others! Lots and lots of the material is EXACTLY the same, year after year. So now I don’t give the guy any more money!


It ISNT right. I agree. The book should be enough.

(is it safe to admit that I am the other person who reads his posts?)


I’m w/Tessa, I’m a Birnbaum fan myself. But maybe you should send this author some mail telling him how you feel. Also, what do you need touring plan websites for when you have DC? :biggrin:


I don’t know if you have thought about it, but when I have a problem with something I try to go to the source and let whomever know about it. The squeekie wheel gets the grease, remember :wink:


I agree with Erin–it isn’t right…looks like there are a few of us that read your posts…hmmmm :tongue:


I buy the book, but just for tips and tricks & updates.

NEVER been a tour guide type. Rather go with…make that go against the flow. My plan consists of sheet of when each park opens and closes & EM Hours.

Park Hopping 4 Us

Now that I think about it, they SHOULD use the web as a selling point. Free access when registering using code in book.


The Unofficial is great - but no way would I pay for custom plans.

Actually, even reading the touring plans in the book gives me a headache. You know the parks pretty well, you know your kids really well - just relax and go with the flow.


Strange. Doesn’t the book have the plan for younger kids in it. I don’t remember. But, I have every confidence you can make your own plan. If you can’t I’m sure we can collectively come up with any plan the same or better than the UG.


I agree, you DEFINITELY shouldn’t have to pay more money for custom plans! Just use your wonderful WDW knowledge and combine it with the sample touring plans at the back of the book…and also knowing just what your little ones can and can’t handle. Then you will have a GREAT TRIP! :wink:


I agree with most everyone else. While I think you should be able to get web access just from buying the book, I think you could do just a well a “plan” yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed putting our itinerary together for our last trip. Guess it’s my type-A planner nature, but it was still FUN!!! :wink:
Prezcatz Paul


I’m with llama- love the book, but would never consider paying for a plan.

I can see where you’re irked.

Start a march on their website! Write letters! Send them Wish’s pants in protest! (not sure what that would do, but it would get their attention.)


I’m sorry I disagree. If you are getting custom plans to fit your paticular needs, then it should cost money. This is a plan specifically for your family and takes time and effort. I think it should cost money for that. That being said, I stand by my other statement when I said, you don’t need a touring plan that time of year. You can easily see absolutely anything you want by getting to the park at the rope drop and touring until lunch. There will be little left after and you will be able to take a resort break and do whatever you want after dinner. This worked for me in January and worked just as well in October. Tell me which parks you want to do on which days and for half the price, I’ll make you custom plans :wink: :wink: …I’m kidding of course. :heart:

On the bit about buying the new book each year. You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to know all the changes in WDW each year. Their site has free updates. I do buy it every year because I like to read it and enjoy the humor. I like to read each and every change that is made. I like to read each and every review for resorts and meals and the attractions for that matter. Can’t help it. I need something to do while I wait to go right?


Okay, I don’t NEED the plans, but it’s nice to go with them in mind. I read Sehlinger’s comments that he’s amazed that people buy his book and don’t use the plans when they are scientifically proven to cut 4 hours off of wait time during peak season.

It’s just a rant. All I’m saying is I think it’s a raw deal to pay for the book and not get access to all the plans.


I love the book, but I am too lazy to follow other peoples plans…personaly, it sort of takes the fun out of it for Dave and I…one of our favorite things to do is decideing what we want to do next and what ride we want to ride approximatley 9 million times in a row…
I do think it’s a bit odd he prints general touring plans in the book and then wants to you buy more online specific to your family…