Unofficial Guide to WDW 2011


I checked at Barnes and Nobles today and they are showing the release date as August 23rd of this year for any of you waiting to buy the next version. Of course its releasing the day AFTER I leave for WDW…typcial! Maybe I’ll get lucky and grab it a day or two early for the plane ride. They have released it before their listed dates before, so you never know.


Great! I was wondering what date they were going to release it. I’m going in September and wanted to grab the 2011 for my trip!


I hold back and buy them every other year… just the even years.


My favorite end of the summer book!!!


mine too. I read it all year when I’m in between reading material. I can get it when I am don there I suppose. Still holding out for it to release a few days earlier…it has happened.


amy mention of what is going on next year for the 40th? we are planning to be down there for 10/1 next year…


Awesome! Thanks for the news. It sure is hard to wait that long!:pinch:


I don’t know…book didn’t come out yet.