Unofficial's take on CP


so now that i’ve made an ADR for CP i am reading anything and everything i can get my hands on about it!! (so excited!!)

the unofficial guide rates it as “VERY LOUD” while it rates chef mickey’s as “LOUD” is there really a diff.?

we will be there in jan. during a slow week. so i know that with any char. breakfast it’s going to be a bit crazy…ie: FUN!! but is it really going to be “VERY LOUD” in CP??

tell me more of what to expect!! pleeeaaase! lol

anyone have pics. of a meal they’ve had there?? would love to see pics!!

~thanks so much


Personally I would say CP is Loud and CM is VERY LOUD! We love CP and have been there many, many times. I won;t ever go bak to Chef Mickey’s - I know a lot of people love it but the food was really horrible when we were there in May. You the right good choice!!!

PS: My avatar is DS and Piglet in the CP!


I don’t think that CP is any louder than any other chracter meal. It echos just a tad I think, but not louder than chef mickey’s. Chef’s has the monorail plus the busy corner of the contemporary resort. I love crystal palace. It’s a must do for every trip I take to WDW. You will not be dissappointed at all.


I don’t recall a noticeable difference in noice between CP and CM’s. I have pix at home and will post them if I can.
Both are fun, but I prefer the food at CP.


Oh that makes me sad. One of my good friends had a similar experience at Chef Mickeys. We have always had a good meal there. I do prefer breakfast to dinner though.

Back to the subject, though, my oldest son is very sensitive to loud noises, and he does just fine at CP. I thought it was noiser at LTT, to be honest!


You know I am honestly allergic to noise. And I have never been bothered by noise there. We have so much fun there. It was the right choice to make, I think:smile:


I was worried about the noise thing too, but we tried it anyway. We loved it so much we ate there a second time in one week. We were there in early May.


My mom has fibromyalgia and is sensitive to loud noise, and her favorite restaurant in WDW is CP. :happy: So it can’t be that bad!!


I feel exactly the same way!


CP is great, I never had issue with any noise levels, I found CMs to be a lot worse. I just think any atmosphere with a buffet and people constantly getting up and down, then add characters in there is just naturally going to be a little more uproarious. It’s fun though, and noise level has never taken away from my experiences there.


Not a fan of CM’s. I use to go “for the kids”. But the craziness there would get them so worked up, their bad behaviour would just carry out to the parks and then “mean mommy” would have to deal with it. Daddy- of course, was no where in sight.:glare:

I definitely preferred CP - and thought the food was better.


okay thanks! glad to know that i won’t have to shout to my DH over breakfast!! lol

~i cannot thank each and everyone of you (you all know who you are!!) who have helped me plan our trip. your experience and opinions have been so very helpful. i mean what could have been a good trip is now going to be a great trip because of all the info. i have gotten here. (MB rocks!) i would have NEVER even know about CP or ADR’s (and lots of other things as well) had i not found you!!

~i have been meaning to say “thanks” for a while now…just felt like this was a good a time as any!!

i cannot wait to go and have a fabulous TR to write when we return home.


I, for one, am looking very forward to your report. Half the fun of helping out on here is hearing how the trip went later on. I love watching people’s plans unfold and hear how they panned out after the fact. You are going to have a great trip. No matter what happens or if anything doesn’t go as planned…you did your homework, your research and you are at the most magical vacation destination on earth…has to be a blast right?:laugh:


it’s funny you mentioned this!! i keep telling my DH that with all this planning that we are so much better prepared should something go wrong. it will be only a small “wrinkle” in an otherwise flawless vacation!! LOL:laugh:

but seriously…one thing i have learned is that even though WDW is the most magical place on earth…PEOPLE work there!! and so i will be checking & re-checking all our reservations prior to our arrival.


I would choose CM for breakfast and CP for lunch or dinner. CP is loud as any buffet restaurant full of kids but hey it’s Disney! Crowds and noise kind of go with the territory. We like both places.


BTW, LTT in MK is much quieter and more laid back.


I prefer the ambient noise of Crystal Palace to Chef Mickey’s. Crystal Palace “sounds” more open.
(Don’t ask me to explain this, you either gt it, or you don’t).


:laugh: I get it. I know exactly what you mean.

I am actually glad to hear that. We went in May (we always go to CM) and we were really disappointed. The food was sorta blah and the character interaction was rushed. We didn’t have a good time.

Crystal Palace, on the other hand, was a great time. :mickey: