Unpleasant rumor


This just came from Chip and Co. on FB. I don’t even know if I should post it. I am wondering if this could be true? :crying::crying::crying:


Hope they are just rumors. I cannot see them closing the Poly for very long, if they do at all. The Poly is a nostalgic property and still one of the most popular resorts. No way it would be closed for more than a refurbishment.

I can see them forcing families of 5 of more to go with a suite or a deluxe.


Unfortunately, I have heard the same rumor. Find it hard to believe that they would demolish and rebuild entire resort as rooms were recently redone. As rumors of the DVC@ GF being announced soon and if sales go well, watch Disney to move forward with DVC between WL and Campgrounds. REMEMBER, JUST RUMORS…not solid word or information.


I ain’t buying it.


I am skeptical. The Poly was built in 1971. Was asbestos in common use in construction then?


Yes in some areas, as was Lead Paint.

Rumor Shumor. Believe it when I see it.


I agree! 'Ohana is one of the busiest restaurants on property. And the Poly is one of the most popular. But, like everything, it interesting to hear rumors and see what is out there.


The can not close Poly, period. I’ll believe it when I see it, there have been so many rumors over the years that have never come to pass.


Well we are a group of five and we stay at POR. Well I hope all these aren’t true.:closedeye


Should be interesting to see. Poly is a huge favorite.


Rowdy? Any truth?


Asbestos was still pretty common in construction until about 1980. There were concerns though in the early 70’s and on. However, as long as it is not disturbed, it is perfectly safe, sort of like lead paint. I cannot imagine that Disney would close more than a building at a time to remove it. I guess it depends on how heavy it was used in the property. This is my favorite property at Disney, as I have said time and time again. I could only hope they don’t close the Poly for an extended period.


I can’t see them closing Poly - but maybe for an exterior refurb. Rooms are pretty new so I would doubt a total remod. Also why wouldn’t they just do a refurb in stages like they usually do. I don’t think I buy it either.


I could see them doing a huge encapsilation effort and that might close down a section at a time but the Poly is almost a landmark. I doubt it would be removed entirely.


Could there be any possibility disney might want tear down to build a taller resort??


I would say no.

Disney has plenty of land to spread out on, and as of right now, I don’t think they’re selling every resort room on the property except for maybe the Christmas or Easter holidays. Of course, I don’t really mind them overbuilding because that means cheaper rates for us! :laugh:

As for the rumor, I don’t buy it. My dorm room has asbestos. As long as people aren’t jumping on the beds and scraping the paint off the ceilings, I think all will be well (yes… we college kids were told not to do that! :blush: :laugh:).

And I don’t think Saratoga Springs and Old Key West will make people who would be staying at the Poly very happy…

As for a fireworks show in DtD, bring it on! :laugh:


I dont believe the asbestos theory of this. My mom had a remodel done on her house and per FL code before any remodel was done she had to have an inspector come in and specifically check for asbestos and lead paint (her house was built in the 60’s). If she had either she would of needed to correct that prior to any remodel construction. I would think that when Disney was doing their major overhaul that would have been investigated prior to investing all that money.

I don’t think they would ever tear down or get rid of the Poly. It’s a monorail resort and it’s one of the original resort, it’s like getting rid of the castle just because. Thet can get away with raising ticket prices but not getting rid of the Poly.

That’s just my opinion and I would be stunned if they tore the Poly down.


Oh I sure hope this isn’t true. We haven’t gotten to stay at Poly yet and it’s next on our wish list. I just can’t imagine Disney closing this resort with it’s popularity, restaurants, and location. I agree, I’ll believe it when I see it.


I can’t imagine them closing down the entire Poly resory, maybe sections at a time for refurbishment, but I can imagine they would lose guests if they shut the whole place down, imagine how long they’d have to close it for!
I also think it’s a little unfair telling guests in groups of more than 5 that they can’t stay in specific resorts, and forcing them into high priced hotels could mean they don’t stay on site at all!

As for DtD fireworks, those have been a long time coming! I’ve always thought they should have some sort of ‘show’ down there!


The reason my family of five usually rents a villa instead of staying on property is due to the cost. It would be hard enough to afford to stay at a moderate or value never mind having to book at a deluxe.
I would hate to think that they would knock down Poly. That is one resort I would like to stay…