Unrgent TV Announcement


Right now, until 11 PM (8/22/06) Discovery Channel HD is broadcasting Undiscovered Walt Disney World. It will be repeating at 1AM Eastern and again at 5 AM Eastern. Sorry, you must have an HDTV to watch this.


OK, I’m sure many of you have seen this. It was originally done for Travel Channel in 2003. But it just looks so good in HD!


Was very cool to see it in HD. :smile:


i do not have HD…what was the show about?


As I posted above, this was really the Travel Channel’s Undiscovered Disneyworld from 2003. They probably cover nothing that we haven’t discussed here in the last week, except for hiring your own personal VIP tour guide for the MK. It will be repeating today at 6 PM Eastern, for those with Discovery HD, I wouldn’t put any bets when Travel Channel will run it again themselves. The biggest reason to watch in HD is the image quality and wide screen format.


Sounds like something to DVR tonight.


i remember that show. it iwas pretty good. it must look cool in widescreen…


Disney’s beach club and yacht club is on travel channel now…


Blah, Samantha Brown.


you are right… she’s annoying… but it’s DISNEY!!


you are correct…any disney is good disney…