Unusual DDE card "issue"


We just got back from the world June 28th, and we used our Disney Dining Experience card for the 20% discount (as usual).

Remember that starting this year an 18% gratuity was automatically charged? Well, only Le cellier added on the 18% grat. The following restaurants did NOT: Garden Grill, Liberty Tree Tavern, Boma, Sci Fi. Strange, right? None of the servers could explain why.

So, check your receipts carefully so you don’t forget to tip your servers! (And so you don’t tip twice…)


Well, let’s just confuse the people even more!! So now we might not tip, tip or double tip. I don’t want to have to think at disney, my brain works hard enough just remember all those ADRs.:laugh: :laugh:

I like the tip just added, no math at all.


The inconsistency is so confusing! I should add that for each meal, we were a party of five (4 adults and 1 child).


Good tip. I guess it’s best practice to review your bill anyway, I am usually guilty of just looking at one price & adding the 20% without overlooking the receipt. I guess that’s why Daniel is in charge of all that. :laugh:

Hopefully, things become more consistant eventually. I knew about the change but see, I thought the “adding of 18%” automatically was just for DDP guests. So, I wasn’t even clearly in the know.


Oy, can this get any more complicated! I hope they clear this up soon. Thanks for the heads up.


DH always goes over our bills and keeps them until we get home so he can go over what we would have spent if we hadn’t been on DDP. He would completely know if we needed to add the tip. I’m like you–it’s just a good thing I’m not the one in charge. I just want to pay and move on to the fun!:laugh:


Thanks for the heads up leslieh, I was wondering if they were adding the tip or not for DDE yet. We will be using our card this August, I’ll make sure I check each bill carefully.


I have to agree, seems like a lot to deal with.


I really don’t understand why it’s not consistent… I think I’ll call the number for the DDE today and see if they can offer any explanation/help etc.


In March and May I noticed there were two check boxes at the bottom of the receipt with the 18 and 20% amounts . . . you could just check the one you wanted. Then there was a space to add more if you felt like it!

Makes it easier, for less thinking BUT if some TS do it automatically and some don’t? :glare: It’s a GOOD TIP to really check your receipt!


OK- the CM I spoke with said that it is likely an error on the person running the bill- she said that after the card is swiped to receive the 20% discount, the 18% grat has to be keyed in. If the server or person running the bill doesn’t do this, it doesn’t happen automatically.

Doesn’t help, but now we know why it’s happening.


Yes, but for the DDE card, the tip is added on already (or it is supposed to be). That receipt wouldn’t be correct for someone using the DDE card. The DDP and DDE work differently. Is everyone confused yet?:laugh:


hm thats weird I just got back last night and bomas added it on at our breakfast maybe your server didnt realize to do it . they also put the tip on at WCC …


You have to look closely at the reciept and see if the tip is included. If you don’t, you could double tip!


OH OH . . . how was your TRIP!!! Where’s your TR??

(sorry to threadjack! :laugh: )


Not really. By nature, if you’re using the DDE card for your discount, you’re paying out of pocket and are not on the dining plan.
So, you’d better be looking at your bill anyway. That said, if they do assess the 18% tip, you will see entries for both the 20% discount and the 18% tip.
If you don’t see the discount, have that corrected. If you don’t see the automatic 18% tip added, add your own and leave.