Up Coming Trip


I thought this was strange. My husband and I were planning on going for my 40th birthday April 28 but we had to change our plans. We are going April 2 for 3 nights. I was so worried because I couldn’t get a moderate resort with out paying a arm and a leg. I settled on Movies (not happy!). But at least I’m going to Disney WOrld! So I assumed that getting ADR would be really hard! And worried that the parks will be packed! So after thinking about it all weekend I put my mind to it and called knowing that my hopes are just that. SO I made my list and called I couldn’t believe it I got everything I asked for and also the times. Could this mean that it wouldn’t be too packed? I went in October and had free dining and couldn’t eat anywhere! I’m so confused!! :huh:


Do you know, I’ve just about given up trying to guess crowd size at Disney. Last year we went in November and everyone said it was the least crowded time to go. It was PACKED. (this was early Nov, not around Thanksgiving). I still think the least crowded is middle of January till the middle of February. We also had good luck the end of August. When is Easter this year? If it’s not early April, you may have hit upon a lucky time. Most of the springbreaks are over by the end of March.


I think the crowd trends are changing, and we have’t caught up with what they are yet.

Try not to worry to much and have a great time. I know it’s easier said than done.