Up For Grabs


When we were just about to ride TSM on Friday for the 2nd time, the ride broke down. We were given 3 Re-entry passes for TSM that expire 9/15/09. The first person to PM me their name and address and who is able to go before 9/15/09 can have all 3 of them. I will put them in the mail tomorrow!!


Sent ya a PM


Got it!!!


Now that is so sweet! That is why I love Mousebuzz!!


I know. DOnt ya just love it. I gave away my Le Cellier ADR today and was able to obatin fast passes .
How cool is that?? Since there is only 2 of us Im going to try and find a single rider person and give the other one to


Very nice.


That was a great gesture, Kim. I am glad someone gets to use them :happy:


They went to Kate. Hope you can get that extra one to someone in the park!