UP! Free Pins with Pre Order ARRIVED TODAY


Yay! I am so excited, my preorder copy of UP! came today with my free pins!
I will post pics later tonight, one of Dug, one of Mr. Frederickson, one of Carl. We love Kevin the best, but no Kevin pin, oh well.

They do not look like Trading Pins - they say Disney Store Exclusive on the back and the back has lots of mickey heads on it. Does anyone know if these are tradable? Not that I would trade them, I just wondered what the hierchy of pins was, if you kwim.


I picked up our copy at Costco yesterday, and it came with a “grape soda” pin. Very cute!!


Cool! My DDs want this for Xmas!


I received Up from Netflix today. Haven’t seen it yet, so will be bringing the portable dvd player on the plane to Disney tomorrow so I can watch it.


I bought mine from Wal*Mart yesterday, it didn’t come with any pins, but I got it for a great price. I can’t wait to see your pics of the pins. Enjoy them!


I preordered mine too so I could get the pina and I haven’t gotten my copy yet! I hope it comes today because I wanted to watch it this weekend. I can’t wait to see my pins!