Up to date dress codes


My MB search gave me very dated dress codes. I know V&A has a dress code. But what about Citricos and Narcoosees?


Both Citricos and Narcoosees have a business casual dress code.


i USUALLY WEAR A NICE DRESS OR skirt to narcooses… i have however seen people walk in looking like they just came from the park or in jeans dh dresses up also… … I just feel for the price Id want to make it nicer by dressing up a little.


A few years back, dress codes were loosened at all of the signatures (except V&A).
It is now resort casual. Shorts are fine, tee shirts are acceptable, but only so long as they are solid color with no printing, preferred would be golf shirts. Sandals are not acceptable for men and of course, no torn or ripped clothes and no cut offs.
This dress code does apply at California Grill and Narcoossee’s as well as Yachtsman’s Steakhouse and Flying Fish.


I swear I read somewhere that you can not wear sneakers to RIX lounge @ CSR. That may not end well for my BF as he lives in vans. He does have one pair of nice shoes…but they still resemble sneaks!


OK. Looks like those might be off the table.:laugh:


I can’t imagine them not allowing sneakers at Rix because I have never eaten at any signature restaurant with footwear other than my running shoes.