Upcoming Disney Shows


On Thurs. 6/1 @ 7:00 p.m there is a show on the Disney Cruise line on the Travel Channel.

On Sat. 6/10 @ 1:00 p.m. there is a show about AK on the Travel Channel.

On Sun. 6/11 @ 4:00 p.m there is a show about Disney Fairtale Weddings on the Food Network.

All of these have been on before, but maybe you missed 'em the first time around.



Thanks for the heads up, timkelmom! Pete and I love watching those shows!:mickey:


Hey I can watch the fairy tale wedding one on the food network! Thanks for the heads up.


i don’t have the travel channel so i can’t watch any of the specials they have on disney. sniff. i have seen the disney weddings on the food network though. that’s a great special. it’s a can’t miss on. TiVo it if you have to go out that day.


Dontcha just love TIVO. I search for Disney shows every weekend and it will search for up to a 2 week period. Most I’ve seen, but love to watch them over and over again. The wedding one is really nice.

Something else I just spotted coming up is a Disney Channel Summer games of sorts. Young Disney Channel stars in copmpetions. On June 10, not sure what time though.


ooooh, thank you thank you thank you Timkelmom!!!


You’re very welcome!


Been there, done that, got the commemorative watch that you can’t get unless you get married (or renew vows) at WDW.
But my Movado’s more comfortable.

Thanks for the heads up.


What is it with us NJites? I don’t get the Travel Channel either!!!


Don’t you just love Comcast? They’re sooo much better than the satellite. Yeah, right!


I looove my Direct TV. That’s cool you got a watch and a lifetime of wonderful memories.


Love my DirecTV, love my TiVo!

Can’t watch the Fairy Tale Weddings again… it makes me cranky… “Why didn’t I have a fairy tale wedding???” :laugh: