Upcoming MK Fireworks


Does anyone know what the MK Fireworks show will be called during the celebration? I know DL has the “Fantasy In The Sky” but am confused if WDW will call it Magical Moments. Are they changing the show for the celebration, or making it longer, and what days will they be showing the fireworks? We will be there this July and I am curious ahead of time what we may have in store.



if they are changing the fireworks show…that would be news to me…I am sure nevertheless, there will be some sort of fireworks display every nite!


I think they’re still calling it Wishes (based on info from the new planning video). I don’t know if they’re changing it in any way


There is no way that WDW would change Wishes. It is extremely popular and just over a year old. Disney would have made a press release if they were planning a new fireworks show in time for the “Happiest Celebration on Earth”. Perhaps you were thinking of the new show at the MK, Cinderellabration.


There is also, I think a new fireworks show at Disneyland Park


WDW is going to keep Wishes through out the 50th celebration, however Disneyland is getting an all new fireworks show titled “Remember…Dreams Come True”. It premieres May 5th, the kick of day of the 50th celebration. This show is suppose to be AMAZING, with totally new special effects and fireworks. I’ve seen artist renderings and they look awesome! Heres a link to an article about it. Remember…dreams come true
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I don’t think Wishes is being modified at WDW. I do think I’ve heard there will be a new fireworks show at Disneyland for the 50th.


When we were at WDW in December they were showing Fantasy in the Sky at the midnight fireworks show, while still showing Wishes at the first show (which was 9 or 10 pm, I don’t remember). We didn’t stay for the midnight show, having been at MK since 8 am that day, so couldn’t see for sure if it was the same show as DL’s, but both Wishes and Fantasy in the Sky are very similar shows, with different music to it.


Wow TWO fireworks shows in one night!?!?? That is too cool:mickey: