Upcoming Trips Thread


Good Morning MBers:

I thought it might be fun to list our next few upcoming trips on the off chance that some of the last MB folk might overlap for a beverage. As of now here is what we have planned in the next 6 months:

August 2016: Disney Wonder Alaska (along with Seattle and Vancouver)

October 2016: Disney Magic from NYC (includes one day at Epcot Food and Wine)

January 2017: SSR for Marathon Weekend (a bunch of us are running either the 10K or the Half)

How about you guys/gals?



We’re taking our usual trip later this summer. We’re staying at a few different resorts along the way and hopefully relaxing some. We went in early June but that was with our high school band and it was work. I’m hoping to relax a little more this trip.


We will be in WDW August 24-28. Perhaps in October too, we aren’t sure yet.


We have a mid Nov trip.


October for the Wine & Food.


October for the Wine & Food.


We will be in WDW in October for Food and Wine.


We love Food and Wine! Not really going this year. Disney Cruise out of NYC in October that affords us one day at Epcot. Fall 2017 look out!!


Oct 29 - Nov 5 at our house (6th year in a row there for Halloween in in the park) plus Food & Wine and Dec 3 - 10 at the house for MVMCP


Thank is awesome! We have a home in Kissimmee that we actually are renting full time so we never get to stay there BUT we hope to semi-retire to that home in about 9 years. How close is your home to WDW?


We are in Clermont. We are just up the road from 192. We are 12 miles away. We also rent it out, but I do try and reserve 2 weeks a year. The game plan is that we will move there permanently in 4 - 5 years.


I love that plan! We are off 192 as well, about 3.5 miles from WDW. We are in a development called Indian Creek. From Clermont make the right off 192 with the new Buffalo Wild Wings near that corner (one building in but visible from road. Very exciting!!!


We are up in Glenbrook Villas up off of 27. It says 9 miles from Disney, but I mapped it at 12… big difference right??? I believe I have seen the signs for Indian Creek. Very nice Stan.


That is great! I bet it is a little more peaceful out by you which should be nice when you finally relocate. If all goes well we have about 9 years, maybe a little less to semi-retire (work for the Mouse).


Can you hear/see fireworks from your house? I’d love to see them but not hear them.


NO, I don’t think so. Maybe you can hear them a bit. That area is probably closest to Animal Kingdom.


Well, that sounds like a great spot then.

I don’t know the distance this would still occur, but it seems every time the fireworks goes off at MK, so does 1/2 doz car alarms at BLT. That would be awful in a neighborhood.


I just came back from WDW in June. Going to Disneyland Ca for 4 days Aug 12 thru Aug 16th
Will be WDW in Oct for two weeks. Oct 16th thru the 30th, I’m off property also on 192 at Westgate, less than a mile from disney.


We were at the westgate the week before the 4th of July. It is a wonderful resort. I bought there in 07 before I knew a lot about DVC. The new water park on site is pretty good they could stand to have more intertubes.


Just landed from an amazing Cruise to Alaska on the Disney Wonder. Will try to post some pictures in the next few days.