Update on closures, early entry cancellation


It appears that the Early Entry mornings are cancelled permanently. Disney Media Relations are indicating that anyways. The reason given was that too few resort guests took advantage of it to be cost-effective, especially during the off-season. They did say that EE might be available during peak attendance, however, but nothing’s been decided on that at this time.

However, Walt’s Carousel of Progress is closed only for budget cuts. It should reopen soon. Also, many of the ongoing projects, Mission Space, Dinoland, the new land (Beastly Kingdom) and Animal Kingdom and Mickey’s PhilharMagic, the 3D movie that will replace Legend of the Lion King, are progressing and on target. This move seems to me that Disney brass believes that the slowdown will be of short duration, and that as the country emerges from the current state, Disney wants to be ready with new attractions.