Update on hurricane aftermath in Orlando


Life in the Orlando area is still far from normal in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley. Some 750,000 Central Florida residents have been without power for four days since Charley hit, and officials estimate it may be another week or longer before power is restored in some places.

The lack of power has caused mounting problems in Orlando. Some 20-30 percent of traffic lights still aren’t functioning. Major intersections are being manned by police, but crossing many of the unmanned intersections is like playing Russian roulette. Intersections where traffic lights aren’t working are supposed to be treated like 4-way stops, but a majority of drivers are just driving right on through.

The lack of power also has affected sanitation. Many pumping stations have been knocked out and sewage is beginning to back up and bubble over into streets and houses. Residents of several Orlando neighborhoods are under orders to boil their drinking water.

Finding gasoline has become a major problem. Many gas stations have no power to pump gas, leaving those that can with long lines of cars waiting to fill up. Tempers have flared, resulting in police being stationed at gas stations to keep the peace. Stations that do have gas are quickly being drained, and new supplies have been slow in arriving.

Ice, too, is a rare commodity for people trying to make do without electricity. Water and ice – some of it from as far away as Wisconsin – were being distributed at fire stations and community centers.

Orange County schools will not reopen until next week, creating child-care problems for parents who have returned to work.

American Red Cross officials said assessment teams have found 4,281 homes damaged by Charley in Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties. The hurricane caused major damage to 770 of those, and another 149 were destroyed. The cleanup process is ongoing, but debris is everywhere and downed trees on top of houses is still a common sight. Debris cleared from streets and yards sits in 6-foot high continuous walls along both sides of the road in some neighborhoods.

I could go on, but needless to say the area is still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Charley.


This is so sad!! I hope life will start getting back to normal for Floridians soon!!


Throwing pixie dust your way to speed the clean-up and recovery efforts. Also have you all in our thoughts and prayers!!!


One of my employee’s father lives in a condo complex and they were hit pretty hard. She was so relieved today when she finally got in touch with him. He told her that there are some condos with large trees in front of the doors making leaving the house impossible. Pixie dust to the seniors in that complex and all the other Florida residents trying to pull their lives back together. :heart:


lets not forget about the pets that are suffering from all of this to :sad:


Our Sheriff’s Office and several other law enforcement agencies sent hundreds of officers to the area to relieve the ones on duty there so that they could be with their families as most have been on constant duty since Charlie hit. My friends tell me that a lot of the area is totally impassable and the hotels are not able to deal with the influx of residents in need AND the normal tourists. If you do not need to be there this time, you might want to plan to go later in the year when things calm down.
My DW and I were going to head there for a couple of days, but are going to wait. :crying:

Our families prayers are with everyone in the area for a speedy recovery.
(Including the pets…)


Things are a bit rough around here, but we are making due. I am currently at work (the only place with A/C & web access). Debris is everywhere, and people are nervous, but repairs are underway.

Thanks for the concern.


Throwing pixie dust your way!


my prayers to you and yours. I hope things find their way back to normal before you know it. Take care. :mickey:


Much pixie dust to you and hats off to all of the Floridians that are being so strong to deal with this. There’s an extra sprinkle in that pixie dust for all of the strays out there that didn’t have a home to run to when this terrible disaster happened. I hope you guys recover quickly and I know I’ll be saying my prayers!


There have been some uplifting moments in all of this. As dogcopper mentioned, police from other areas are evident as they relieve the local agencies, and there are lots of heartwarming stories of neighbors helping neighbors.

My own personal goosebump moment was when I saw convoys of big power trucks rolling into town from North Carolina, Texas and Tennessee. Talk about feeling good about your fellow man!!


I am so glad to hear of a ray of sunshine in all of the gloom!!! Amazing how we can come together in times of tragedy!!!
Too bad we cannot all be more like that all the time!!


So well said!!! :flowers: JOANN :mickey:




How did WDW hold up? Any major damage? Do they have power? Just curious as to how the hurricane has affected all the travellers who were stuck there far away from home…


Check this thread for an update: http://www.disneycentral.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11604


Thank you. I don’t know how I missed seeing that thread.


I had to make a trip to the Orlando area this weekend. There was visible damage along the turnpike, billboards down, trees down and even turnpike signage down. several exits had portable signs announcing the upcoming exits. Between the 192 exit and Osceola Pkw. ext was the worst. I was able to catch glimpses of damaged homes. Many roofs were covered with Blue tarps. The area I went showed no damage. I chose not to sight see through town. It was very much like we had when we were hit by Andrew. My prayers are with everyone dealing with the aftermath.


My friend is a photographer for the Orlando Sentinel (local Orlando newspaper), and some of her pics were put into a hurricane damage photo gallery at this site: gallery
This is my friends car, or at least what’s left of it. Also, check out #149 and see the massive tree that almost crushed their house. Very scary.


Wow - Those are some pictures - It really is amazing that more lives weren’t lost!