Update on stitch's great escape


I just received the fall Disney Magazine. There’s a small piece on how Stitch’s great escape is coming out in Nov. :glare: No date just Nov. Were going the first week in Nov :wub: ( I hope we don’t miss it )Tina


Hey, cool news! Thanks for sharing!!!



No No NO It needs to open late September!!! :pinch: My DS LOVES stitch!! I would love to get to try this attraction while we are there!!!


There are lots of rumors about Stitch. I recently heard that Disney will be holding ‘soft openings’ sometime prior to the official opening of the ride. However, I haven’t heard about the actual dates (yet). Since I’ll be at WDW in next week, I plan to check it out (if possible).


When you go on your trip,always stop at guest relations at MK to ask if they are doing soft openings of the ride.


mickaholic4077, thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely stop by guest relations.


The soft openings have been a couple months in advance as of late. I remember when M:S opened in was it OCT or NOV last year?? Anyways I had gotten my CM invite to screen it back in July, then when I finally got to go in AUG, it was up and running.
SO it may just open by Sept, I just wish there was more information about it.
They are keeping it very hush hush, but then again when don’t they??


Don’t get me wrong, I love stitch and so do the kids. But I’m goint to miss the Alien Encounter.


NO no NO, it needs to be open in EARLY september so i can ride too! haha :biggrin: :whistling :mickey:


Not me, I did not really get the whole thing!! Maybe it was because my DD was so scared I was dealing with her the whole time!!!


I hope there is a soft opening next week when i go but i just dont see that happening lol but i will to try to find out stuff about the ride like soft openings when i go.


I really hate to put a damper on all your spirits, but a CM told a DC’er recently that they were really hurrying on Stich’s Great Escape, because it was BEHIND schedule. Sorry.

On the up side, Soarin’ and Everst Expiditon are ahead of schedule. :mickey: