Update to Pleasure Island Rumors


Read this at Mouseplanet:

It appears that the plan to demolish and rebuild and/or refurbish the entire north side of Pleasure Island is indeed true. The lake side of the island will become a series of third-party themed restaurants. We haven’t yet confirmed the timetable for this process, aside from the fact that demolition of the West End Stage and Hub Stage will begin shortly after January 1. The outlook of the Adventurer’s Club is less certain, however. sources indicate that there are three possible futures for the club, and its final fate has yet to be determined. The club may be spared and remain in its current location, may actually be moved across the street, possibly to the current location of 8-Trax, or may disappear along with the rest of the north side establishments. As we find out further information, we will pass it along.



Thanks for the update Bruce.


I’ll be seriously bummed if Adventurer’s Club disappears. I’ve always wanted to go there, and this is the first year that I would have the opportunity.



I can’t imagine them removing the Adventurer’s Club. It still gets a big crowd. In fact, I’d venture to say that it’s the main reason for most of the people going to PI at all.


Wow, that is amazing. I’ve never been to the Adventurers club, was planning on going in January…


I can’t believe they would commit this kind of financial suicide. If they tear down Adventurer’s Club or Comedy Club, there goes any reason I would have to go to PI


I’d have to agree, those were my two favorite clubs on PI too. The Adventurer’s Club was the only club on the whole PI complex that really felt like “Disney”.


Oh I really hope they don’t get rid of Adventurer’s Club!! That is the one place in all of PI that I wanted to try!


It appears that the Comedy Club is safe. Here was the original Mouseplanet rumor from 11/8:

A recent rumor that we’ve heard states that days are numbered for the entire lake side of Pleasure Island. Last week, we reported that “major enhancements” would be cause the end of the nightly fireworks at Pleasure Island and demolition of the West End Stage and Hub Stage. It turns out that there is more to the story.

The story, as we heard it, is that attendance has been down so badly at the Pleasure Island clubs that, even with extending Cast Member nights to five nights per week, they were still having trouble getting people into the clubs. Because of this, everything on the lake side of Pleasure Island will be demolished, and the area will be repopulated by contracted restaurants. Contracted restaurants have been the biggest money maker for Disney in the Downtown Disney area.

The rumor gives some time in early 2006 as the target date for the closure of the clubs and the beginning of the demolition. Should the rumor prove out, the only clubs to remain would be Mannequins, 8-Trax and the Comedy Warehouse. The rumor also states that another restaurant will be built at the far west end of Downtown Disney, between Cirque du Soleil and the Saratoga Springs Resort. If anybody has more information about this rumor, please let us know.



Egads. Does thins mean the place will be 'under consrtuction" in June? the Adven. Club was part of my ‘Must do’ list.

I’ll have to go to ESPN and watch the Phillies pound the Yankees.


Hmmm according to the official New York Yankees website, the Yanks go to Philly to play 3 games June 20-22. I might have to make a road trip. How would I be recieved on Broad St when I show up in full Yankees gear?

To keep this post from being a complete hijack, I would add that the ESPN Zone on the Boardwalk is always a fun place. But it won’t take away the fact that if the Adventurer’s Club meets the wrecking ball, it’ll be a great loss for PI.


I had an annual pass to WDW back in the mid-1990s.

I remember fondly those halcyon days in which the Jazz Co. actually sold appetizers and desserts, with a raspberry coulis musical note drawn on the plate with the cake…

… when the nightly New Year’s Countdown involved actors on stage and dancers – Pamelia Perkins would come out of the Adventurers’ Club and start up an old-fashioned, “boring” New Year’s Auld Lang Syne sing-along playing music on a Victrola… and then a dancer would come out, her voice booming, “My name is Spirit! Spirit of Change! And I’m here to rearrange your attitude!” She would sing “Out with the old, in with the new / Pleasures untold are waiting for you / You’ve got your chance, it’s long overdue / Out with the olllld – in with the ne-e-e-ew!” while acrobatically dancing. Then she would introduce her brother, the “Winds of Change,” a man dressed similarly to her but with a white half-moon mask on his face,* as music I later found out was “Carmina Burana” (Dah-dah-dah-dah! Dah-dah-dah-dah! Dah-dah-dah-daaaaah, daaaaah, dah-daaaaah! etc.) played. More acrobatic dancers, vaguely suggestive without being explicit, would cavort. Then when the fireworks and confetti blew it was at the end of a really cool live stage show – every single night… **

So what they have now – a guy on stage does a countdown with video screens doing the numbers, and some music videos and such – just hasn’t been the same…

The Neon Armadillo… alas! No place for country music there either!

Ah well. I do hope they keep the Adventurers’ Club, Comedy Warehouse and Mannequins.


  • This was meant to vaguely suggest something Phantom-of-the-Opera-ish, I think

** If anyone has the music from this I would love it. I miss that “Spirit of Change” show!![/i]


Oh! The truffles at the candy place. D’Zertz was the name, it is not the same anymore…


… And here I thought I was taking a shot at the Yankees …


The two Davids are my kinda guys. Love food and outrageous entertainment. Not the middle of the road sort of thing. I wish I could go along on your Disney outings.


Guess we are not going there in January


When is this suppose to be completed?


I’ve never figured out how anyone has the energy for PI after a day at the parks. It’s not uncommon for Lil’ and I to be in bed by 9p.m. at WDW! (Of course, that’s because we ALWAYS make it to rope drop.)


I’m still recovering from my 5 days at Mousefest. There’s just no time for sleeping. We stayed up late at night at PI and other events and then had to be at rope drop for more meets.


:blush: Thank you!