Updated plans


Last night out of the blue Nathan said to me, “Mom, I want to do that map thing again before I get too old.” With a couple of questions I figured out that he wants to do the Pirate Cruise at WDW again. He has no idea that we have a birthday trip planned for him in just 3 short months so it was funny he brought it up. Sooo, first thing this morning I called WDW and booked the GF Pirate Cruise ON his birthday!!! I am so excited that his actual birthday was available.

After joining Tour Giude Mike I made a few changes in our plans to fit what I learned there. Here are our new plans–

Day 1
Open–I don’t know when we will arrive, still waiting to see if we will drive or fly.

Day 2
Start the day at Epcot
Return to park of choice
Still deciding on ADRs

Day 3
Start the day at Magic Kingdom
Lunch at Plaza Restaurant
Dinner at 'Ohana

Day 4
Start the day at Blizzard Beach
Go to Downtown Disney in the evening
Dinner at Earl of Sandwich

Day 5
Start the day at Epcot
Lunch at Le Cellier
Return to park of choice

Day 6
Start the day at AK
Return to Magic Kingdom
Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern

Day 7–Nathan’s Birthday
Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s
Drop Nathan off at the Pirate Cruise at GF
Go to Magic Kingdom
Dinner at Hoop Dee Doo

Day 8
Start the day at MGM
Lunch at 50’s PrimeTime

Day 9

I need to add one more ADRs for Day 2. I don’t know where we will spend our evening but I am thinking MK.


What a great surprise for Nathan. That sounds great. His birthday is perfect! Were you gonna try for the Buzz and Beyond Breakfast?


I think I might need to look into Tour Guide Mike.

Very cool, DT, about the pirate cruise - that is so perfect for him! A much needed surprise for Nathan, and a much needed vacation for mom!


Thanks! I’m going to try to book it, I keep checking everyday but so far the CMs know nothing about it. I was going to book it for Nate’s birthday but now with the cruise at GF Chef Mickey’s will work better that day. If it finally opens up I’ll add it the day we are at MGM and either move 50s PT back or cancel it totally.


Thanks! I want to tell him about it so much, especially the past few weeks when he needed a pick me up. I’ve been strong and not said a word but it would have been so easy and it would have cheered him up a lot. I just keep thinking about how excited he’s going to be when he finally finds out about it.


How are you gonna tell him!?


I have no idea! If we drive we’ll get up about 3 am and hit the road, I think I’ll tell him then. Mike wants to put him in the car and let him try to figure it out along the way. If we fly we’ll tell him when we get to the airport. As for HOW we’ll tell him I don’t know–I haven’t come up with anything great.


I am so glad that you were able to get the pirates thing for his birthday. He’s going to be thrilled. What about Crystal Palace for your other ADR? Your plans look perfect too BTW.


When I called about the cruise I wasn’t sure how it would go but there were at least 3 days I had to pick from. Nathan is going to be so excited about the cruise. I don’t know if I should tell him about it when we tell him about the trip or wait and let each day surprise him.

I don’t know that Nathan would like CP, he’s really not interested in Pooh and the gang. I guess it’s back to reading the menus today.


You could have dinner at Chef’s. I know you are doing breakfast there one day, but their dinner is tons of fun. How about whispering canyon? If you are going to be near the MK, it wouldn’t be that big a deal to pop over.


Great ideas! I have reached the point in planning that gets hard. With most of the planning done it’s like fitting the last piece of a puzzle in, it has to fit just right.


I know exactly how you feel. It will work out. Nate is going to have a perfect birthday trip. :heart:


Thats awesome!!! Hoop Dee Doo and the Pirate Cruise on his birthday…wow! Lucky kid :biggrin:
After his year, and yours, the two of you deserve this to be the most perfect trip ever.
Those plans all sound great, hopefully I’ll get to say hello to you guys :smile:

Oh, and try to take a picture of Nathans face when you tell him “we’re going to Disney World!” I would love to see that! :laugh:


Sounds great DT!! I’m so glad he said something about the Pirates Cruise–imagine if he didn’t mention it until the week before you left!!! He’s going to have the best birthday ever.


I can’t wait to see his little face when we tell him. We may have to buy a new smaller video camera to record it all.

I hope his birthday is awesome. I’ve tried to plan activities I think he’ll like, it’s hard when I can’t ask him. It’s funny that he brought up the cruise last night and I could book it on his birthday, that was so great.


I know! It’s so funny he brought it up last night and I could still book it since it’s hard to get. He talks about going to WDW a lot, he’s still hoping to get to go this summer even though I told him we couldn’t swing it. I told him IF we got to go it would be late in the summer, right before we go back to school.


I def agree that you should maybe try for Whispering Canyon…i LOVE that place!!!