update:Spaceship Earth?


Does anyone have any updated info on SSE? The closer I get to Disney week '07 the more anxious I get. I really hope SSE is open for just part of our stay! Thanks for any info!


I heard it is behind schedule, but I don’t know what the dates were supposed to have been. I wonder if Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World or Walt Disney World - Disney World Vacation Information Guide - INTERCOT - Walt Disney World Inside & Out might have some scoop?


I was just looking at that info this morning because we missed SE this summer.

From AllEars: Current announced closures for Spaceship Earth: July 9 – November 13.


It is the same on the WDW web site - closed through November 13th. I hope they are not running to far behind, I will only have one day at EPCOT in early December and it is one of those rides that I have to ride. :laugh:


I’m going to be so bummed if it’s still closed in December.


That is a 3-4 time ‘must-do’ on our trips.


Me too! :crying:


This is poop. It will be closed while I’m there.


Any idea of what is changing, it is very exciting, as it is one of our favorites. Then again I will be ticked if it is still closed in Dec!!!

Change is good - unless it’s affecting my visit!!! HAHA
(And when I say change, I mean updating, not ripping out older favorite attractions like Horizons!)


You can still go in if it is closed! not to do the ride but to play some cool games just go in where it says presented by siemens! You can put the skeleton back together virtually, and race to beat a guy back to a place in a racing game!


I think that would be more frustrating, for me, to be able to get so close!!! but not go in :crying:


Rats! We’ll miss it in Nov (bummer its DD7s fav) but we can catch it in FEB! Yeah! :happy: