Upgrade 1 day Magic Your Way


DH and I purchased 1 day MYW tickets Fl Resident
for friends of ours. However, we never used the
tickets. Can we upgrade these tickets to 4 day
play passes?


As far as I know you can. They use the dollar amount as a credit toward an upgraded pass.


Thanks Dana. I hope this works.


I don’t see why it wouldn’t. People use base tickets towards an AP or are able to add days to an existing pass or add park hopping and fun options, so why not this? Let me know how you make out. This way the next time the question is asked, I know for sure. Best of luck.:heart:


I will let you know.


It’ll work . . . just did it with my Mom’s ticket in Feb! She bought a 4 day, used 3 days, got the no expiration in July. . . then in Feb added 2 days, and paid the 6 day price . . . make sense? :laugh: :laugh:

Bottom line . . . what Dana said!! :blush:


Also backing up what Dana said! Just make sure you bring your FL id if you are upgrading to FL resident tickets!


Oh of course. I would never leave home without my FL ID