Upgrade now or take a chance?


I have a bit of a dilemma. I have made reservation for Pop Century 12/3/04-12/7/04 with the BAT code, I got a great rate of $55 per night. Now I am worried about getting a room far, far away from Classic Hall and the buses. I have always reserved preferred rooms in the past. I was thinking since I am going at a ‘slower’ time I might be able to more easily request a closer building, such as 70’s or something.
Please give me some feedback on this. I called several times and of course there are no preferred rooms with the code and without the code is $87 per night. I am getting 2 rooms for 4 nights so it would add up.
What are your thoughts??


At PC,you really don’t need the preferred buildings because all the buildings are pretty close to Classic Hall(5mins.or less).


Also, preferred doesn’t necessaryily mean close to Classic Hall either (I think)

The preferred rooms are on the front of the building, facing the opposite building (each building has a twin). The standard rooms are in the back. Some of the standard rooms in the 50s and 90s buildings are probably closer than many of the preferred rooms.

In any case, Alma is right. They’ve modified the layout of PC as compared to the All-Stars. Classic Hall is more in the middle, so there’s never really a long walk between your bed and the bus. :wink:


Thanks so much - you have really put my mind at ease on this. I know I should’nt be so anal, as one of my friends just told me when I propsed this question, but I want a good trip and this is one matter I fell makes or breaks a trip. Your both right, PC is laid out much better than All-Stars. Thanks for the thoughts.