Upgrade to Deluxe worth the extra money?


So we’ve not been able to find a beach vacation for the summer (don’t ask) so I was thinking that maybe we would take the money we would have spent for that week & upgrade from POR to a deluxe resort on the monorail. I called Disney & the price difference is about $1300 for the week. We’re going in September with free dining so I just don’t know. I can almost hear DH now saying “you want to pay $1300 just to be on the monorail??” Any thoughts?? :confused:


I would pass on the upgrade… Maybe do something fun with the extra money- a tour, dinner or show you wouldn’t have.


Well, I took my DW and DD on a combo park & Cruise package and the park part included 4 days at the Poly.

As much as I like to save money, I have to say that was a particularly enjoyable experience. I liked the years I was able to stay at the EPCOT resorts, but that was on my companies dime. When we go we normally are all about the moderates.

But the Poly…Rum…Beaches…sigh


PS: I would pay the $1,300 if we only went once every 3 or 4 years and wanted to really make it special.


We’re pretty frugal most of the year & splurge on vacations because we know our kids will only be kids once & we would much rather spend our money on experiences making memories than maybe driving the newest car or eating out on a regular basis. That being said, we have always been happy with our accomodations at WDW - both Pop & POR- I just wondered if staying in a deluxe with nicer amenities, saving time not waiting for a bus & being soo close to the parks would make for a more enjoyable trip - so the big question is it $1300 worth of more enjoyable?:confused:


Honestly, with kids, the deluxe I would be choosing would be AKL. It’s the least expensive deluxe and the schedule of items they offer the kids on a daily basis, the awesome pools and the animals would be wonderful memories for the kids. You would have to deal with buses, but the kids experience there I believe would outweigh that. (Don’t believe everyone that says its so far out. Staying at the Beach Club, we had other resort pickups on the route, so it really takes about the same amount of time to get everywhere.)


I am biased on the moderates…and value…but POFQ is our favorite. We have never stayed at a Deluxe resort…we leave in the morning and return to sleep late at night.

My daughter is 25, and has been going to WDW since she was 3…she has wonderful family memories made with family at the parks…not the resorts…I look forward to the time we can take her children to WDW and make their memories.

It’s all a personal decision, but I do know that the resort has not made the real memories for her.

Have you thought about splitting your stay half and half? You can save some up front and then end your visit at the Deluxe…just an idea.

Also, keep in mind that unless you spend all your time at the MK and plan to go back to the resort during the day, the monorail really doesn’t come into play in my opinion. You will still need to take the buses to DHS and DAK.


The sensible thing to do is save the money - but sometimes it’s just nice to have a special treat. If it’s something you really want to do - then do it. Or, have you thought about staying at a moderate and having a few more days at WDW?


This is a totally weird suggestion coming from your monorail-loving girl…

But have you considered the Yacht and Beach Club Resort? We just got back from a stay at the Beach Club and LOVED IT!!! Stormalong Bay is great and so much like a beach with the sand-bottom pools. By upgrading here, you’d actually giving yourself a bit of the beach vacation you’re missing. It’s also wonderful to be walking/boating distance from Epcot and Hollywood Studios - and we enjoyed being so close to the Boardwalk. Staying at the Beach Club was unbelievably relaxing for us. It’s also not quite as expensive as the monorail resorts.

Of the monorail resorts, the Grand Floridian is my favorite, but that’s because I love that elegant, airiness to it (it’s very similar to the Beach Club in the light colors manner). The Polynesian is a fun resort, but honestly, the Stormalong Bay puts the Nanea Pool to shame. Yes, we love being just a monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom - so convenient for rope drops and mid-day breaks!

I haven’t stayed at a Disney resort yet that I haven’t liked. It’s easy to keep going back to favorites (because they’re so awesome), but I always recommend trying something new - it might surprise you! Whether that’s a different moderate resort, an upgraded room (have you considered a Pirate or Princess room at Caribbean Beach?), or a deluxe resort, that’s up to you. And heck, if you want to stay at POR, that’s your decision, too.


You’re exactly right & we are definitely savers. Unfortunately we don’t want to take the kids out of school any more than what we’ve already planned. I guess we’ll just weigh the pros & cons then decide if it’s worth it— all of the input has been helpful though :wub:


[QUOTE=LittleMissMagic;1113552]This is a totally weird suggestion coming from your monorail-loving girl…

But have you considered the Yacht and Beach Club Resort? We just got back from a stay at the Beach Club and LOVED IT!!! Stormalong Bay is great and so much like a beach with the sand-bottom pools. By upgrading here, you’d actually giving yourself a bit of the beach vacation you’re missing. It’s also wonderful to be walking/boating distance from Epcot and Hollywood Studios - and we enjoyed being so close to the Boardwalk. Staying at the Beach Club was unbelievably relaxing for us. It’s also not quite as expensive as the monorail resorts.[/QUOTE]

What’s the transportation like from Yacht & Beach Club? I like the idea of getting the “beach” feeling at WDW - I’m just weighing the value of being on the monorail from a time-saving standpoint~we’re not parkhoppers but we do like taking a mid-day break & have dining ressies at the Poly & Contemporary on different days. I figure the less time we waste in getting around, the more time we have for fun stuff.:wub:


If you’ve never stayed at a Deluxe Resort and always wanted to then do it. I think I would stay at the moderate and use the extra money to do things that will create memories. If you have girls I would let them go to the Bippity Boppity Boo Parlor and get all decked out, have breakfast with Cinderella, if you have boys let them get made up as pirates, take the pirate sailing and watch the fireworks, take a fishing excursion…


It’s a quick and easy walk from the Beach Club to Epcot (about 8 minutes, give or take), but the neighboring Yacht Club is a little further (more like 10-12 minutes). You can also take a Friendship Boat the Epcot (the pier is directly in front of the Yacht Club, so you’d be backtracking from the Beach Club) which stops at the Boardwalk, then Epcot (about 10-15 minutes). Then you can also walk to Hollywood Studios, but it would be a longer 30 minute walk at a normal, non-speedwalking pace. The boat from the Yacht Club which stops at the Swan and Dolphin, then Hollywood Studios (about 15-20 minutes). In the past, I’ve griped that the boats were slow, but we had great boat luck on our last trip, and they seemed to move at a good pace. The Boardwalk and Swan & Dolphin are at either side of the transportation loop, so while it’s a quick trip from the Boardwalk to Epcot, it’s a longer ride from the Boardwalk to Hollywood Studios (but there is a quick and easy path from the Boardwalk to the Swan & Dolphin which the boat drivers normally announce - so if you were in a hurry, you could walk to the Swan & Dolphin and catch a boat, not to mention, the walk to DHS from the Boardwalk isn’t very bad, depending on your location within the resort).

On the monorail loop, you’re really the closest to Magic Kingdom, as you have to transfer from the Resort Loop to the Epcot Loop to get to Epcot. The Epcot loop is actually a 15-minute or so ride, so added to however long it takes you to get around the monorail, it could take awhile. If you’re staying at the Polynesian, it’s quicker (though more exhausting) to walk to TTC and catch the monorail to Epcot, rather than do the Resort loop transfer.

The Contemporary has three stops (TTC, Poly, GF) before the Magic Kingdom, so it takes a while to get there, but it’s the first stop coming back. The Poly is in the middle - somewhat inconvenient either way. And the GF is the closest going to the Magic Kingdom, but the furthest coming back. Sometimes, depending on crowds, it’s quicker to take the boat transportation from the Magic Kingdom to the Poly or GF, rather than the monorail. For the Contemporary, you can actually walk to and from the Magic Kingdom - the only Disney Resort this is possible with. And in addition, there is a boat to and from the Contemporary to the Magic Kingdom, as well.


When we have the extra we love to splurge. We have stayed at Contemporary many times, Poly several and made our DVC home BLT due to location. If you are staying at one of the MK resorts, you have the convenience of being close to the action. You also gain some sleep time since you can walk to Contemporary if you stay there. The other MK resorts also offer that mid afternoon break with plenty of other activities. We are about being close to the main attraction and we feel removed when we stay anywhere else.

You have a lot to consider and lots of suggestions from your fellow Mousebuzzers. Good luck in your decision. We will be curious where you end up and why.


I would consider extending my trip. With $1,300 to play with the extra park days on your ticket are really minimal. If you plan on counter service meals the room rate is the biggest cost.


I would say do it, and I suggest the poly. Here’s why. It is a short boat ride or 2 stops away on the monorail to the MK. The boat is great and relaxing…and a great place to take pictures. The hotels atmosphere is wonderful as expected, but it is so relaxing there.

For transportation to epcot, you can walk to the TTC, and hope the monorail there, which is fast and fun itself. then you just have 2 places to ride buses to.

We did this one trip and loved it, then this last trip we stayed at the POR, and whilenthe transportation was fine… My dad kept saying, “what is taking so long” , and I reminded him about the lack of monorail speed. He admitted that there was a benefit of staying on the monorail, and he just hadn’t thought it would make that much difference. It seemed like we were not waiting at all for transportation that trip, even though others were.

Either way, you will have a great trip, so just decide if it is worth it to splurge… I would stay anywhere just to get to go ( but don’t tell my family that).

We did some really fun stuff this trip, like the boat ride from the contemporary, for about an hour. We all loved it, and wished we had brought our lunch to take with us on it.


I’d love to do it if we could afford to. But with us having long vacations because of being international guests, 3 weeks plus at a de-luxe would be financial suicide for us. However, I am thinking next trip we may tag a short 4 or 5 night stay on to the Poly as my DH would love to stay there.
If you really want to do it, then do it just this once.


I completely agree.

Also, Just because you have a little extra doesn’t mean that you have to spend it. Maybe you can keep it in your cookie jar and add to it for another trip at another time to another place :blush:


Wilderness Lodge’s rate card is pretty much the same as AKL, minus the savannah view rooms and you’re a boat ride from the MK.
The next step up is garden wing at the Contemporary. This is only a little more than AKL/WL, but not as costly as the Contemporary’s tower, let alone the other monorail resorts. It’s also less than the Epcot resorts.

If you can get your price difference down to about $600, or if you can swing the difference, I’d go WL or garden wing. I do really like AKL, but it’s land locked, while WL is on Bay Lake, and that’s important to me.


Most times of the year, all 5 Crescent Lake resorts share one bus. Buses connect to AK, MK, DTD, and the waterparks.
You walk to Epcot through the International Gateway and you either take a nice long walk to DHS or you take the slow boats known as Friendships (which you can usually beat on foot). There is no bus service to DHS.

During the busier times, they split into two routes; Yacht/Beach and Boardwalk/Swan/Dolphin.
Friendships dock at Yacht, Boardwalk, and Dolphin before heading to DHS and reverse on the way back.


In all of our stays the only bus we have ever shared with all 5 resorts is the DtD/BB bus. Other than that we have always had a dedicated bus for just the Yacht and Beach Club. However, we’re always there during the summer so that may change things.