Upgrading a MYW ticket to AP question


I know what the answer was before, I’m just checking if anything has changed. We are going to disney in dec. I’m hoping DVC comes out with a special discount ticket before then, but I’ll need some kind of ticket by the end of sept. to make FP. So two questions…

1 - If you buy a 7 day ticket but are staying at resorts for 10 days, you can still only make 7 days of FP, correct?

2 - If you buy a MYW ticket at undercover tourist, you can still upgrade to an AP at disney?

My thoughts are to buy a lesser price ticket, with the hopes of upgrading to the special deal if one does appear. I don’t want to buy the AP right now. I know some people would just put the AP voucher away for another trip, but I know DH will not want to shell out 2 grand for two groups of tickets.

  1. Yes, you can only make fastpasses for the number of days worth of tickets you have.
  2. I think you’re correct. You can upgrade to an annual pass, but I’m not positive on that. I know you could in the past.