Upgrading annual passports


I’m going to buy the Southern CA Select passports and I want to upgrade to the Southern CA passports in a couple of months. Can I do this? I can’t find any info on the DL website.:confused:


I am not sure if you can do it online, but you could go up to the ticket booth and upgrade. It is generally the difference between the pass you currently have and the pass you want.


It will only be good until the end of your original AP so if you are going to upgrade make sure you do it earlier in the year rather than later. I am not sure if they will prorate the cost for the upgrade for the amount of the year you have left.


You can upgrade any ticket, pass or park hopper you buy so long as you do it before the pass expires.

It’s a great way to get an annual pass. You find someone with a five day with one day left and they’re looking to sell the last day.

The pass expires one year from the first day the pass was used.

Hope that helps!


Also if you renew within 30 days of when your pass expires, you get $20 off. Not much, but it is better than nothing.