I didn’t want to hijack Dancing4Disney’s thread or distract from her great news so I’ll post my question here.

We are staying at AKL in Sept. We have a Savannah view room. What usually qualifies as an upgrade? Is this type of room upgradeable? I know everyone says ask, but should we? I’d really like to dazzle my wife with the best room possible (given our budget) for our 25th.:wub:


No, the savannah room is what we got upgraded to. Both times we were upgraded, we had a pool view and got upgraded to a savannah. When we already had a savannah, we were never upgraded.

The only thing I would recommend is one time, when we did have a savannah, the view wasn’t as good as it could be as far as seeing animals. It just took a phone call to the front desk telling them we weren’t too pleased with the view. They asked us to come back to the front desk, and then she showed us three other choices with better views. The one we picked had a feeding station right out the balcony, so giraffes were there all the time.


I want a giraffe room! I want a giraffe room!:biggrin: We’ve never been there before (obviously) and I wasn’t sure where our room fit into the big picture. Thanks.


You could get an upgrade to a club level room but I think that’s it.


Im pretty sure after a Savannah view room, the next upgrade level would be to Concierge level, which doesn’t guarantee a better room, just a higher class of service and acccess to the Concierge snack area (Its has a name but I can’t remember right now!). It’s a great little area for chilling out and they put on snacks throughout the day and I think they have special concierge evenings where they put on drinks etc too. You can find reviews of AKL Concierge here: AllEars.net Review Page - Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge - Powered by ReviewPost . They also have the special sunrise safari that only concierge level guests can book, Animal Kingdom Lodge Sunrise Safari - Concierge Offering


Since we won’t be spending much time in the room, it sounds like we have the best room for us. No sense in taking a room that someone else might actually need/want/use. Thanks all.


If you’re already in the top regular room category, the only possible upgrade would be to concierge level. At AKL, they have a very limited number of actual concierge level rooms on the upper floor, so they also have several savannah rooms on the 5th floor blocked out for concierge. As noted, the real difference is access to the club lounge and a higher level of service and attention.


Being our first time there we weren’t sure where a Savannah room fit into big scheme of things. I do know however…

I want a giraffe room! I want a giraffe room!


When I checked in I told the CM “I want to open the window and it look like the commercial!” :whistling and that is the room I got! :heart: