Upside down Mickeys


While waiting for the fireworks at the MK I noticed that a lot of the
Mickeys on Cinderella castle were upside down.


Could be a glitch in the control code for the Intellibeams.


>>Could be a glitch in the control code for the Intellibeams.<<

Try to expand a picture of Cinderella Castle and look at the area adjacent to the clock.
Maybe they are supposed to look like this, but to my wife and I they looked like upside down Mickey’s. Or maybe we were in the sun to long that day <g>.
There are more too.



I think so. But i have not checked


Those are not hidden Mickey’s as they do not have the classic
large and 2 small none interlocking circles.
The castle is a mix of design periods that does not represent
one single structure built in the real world.
Parts of the castle seem to be late Midieval Gothic style which
appeared after the Romanesque period. Elements like pointed
arches which would allow for higher thinner walls and larger
window openings. Earlier Midieval accents can also be found
like small slit like windows used to shoot arrows through.
The top of the castle looks to be French Renaissance.
This period started in Italy but was brought over to France
when the French were at war with northern Italy in the 16th century.
Midieval castles were more like fortresses than homes with only
a few areas being built for housing. Most areas did not have
heat and were dark because they had small windows.
The bottom of the castle looks to be more from that time.
Gun powder made this form of castle building obsolete like the armored knight.
The Renaissance brought the grand homes and castles Cinderella
Castle was meant to represent.
The circles you are seeing seem to be an adaptation of elements
used in rose windows and Gothic balusters although it was
more common to see round elements mixed into arched or
columned balusters.

OR Could be a glitch in the control code for the Intellibeams.