US Airways


Has anybody heard how US Airways is doing? Last I heard they were bankrupt and might shut down (but that was a least a year ago). I need to make reservations and they have the best schedule for when I need to fly.



I think they are doing better:

September 27, 2005
[I]US Airways and America West Airlines recently merged to create the fifth largest domestic airline, employing nearly 38,000 aviation professionals. US Airways, US Airways Shuttle and the US Airways Express operate approximately 4,000 flights per day and serve more than 225 communities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America.

After 13 years of countless memories as America West Arena, and months of conversion effort, the US Airways Center will officially open its doors at tonight’s Phoenix Suns/Miami Heat game.[/I]


I never worry too much when they are going through Chapter 11 (Northwest I think went Ch 7, so that I would have worried about). The airline industry is set up so that another carrier would honor your ticket, athough you might not get the schedule you wanted. I have flown many airlines that were in Chapter 11 and have never had a problem.


I just flew with them in October and also flew with them last January when all this was announced. They do always have the best schedule. Now if they could just figure out how to leave/arrive on that schedule all would be perfect. :dry:


Was US Airways the airline that went on strike during a holiday last year leaving everybody stranded?


I think it was, but that isn’t a normal occurance. If you feel uncomfortable booking with them, the go with another airline. I travel frequently for work and for vacation and I know I wouldn’t hesitate if the price and schedule were right.


I just have not heard much positive, however it seems like I dont hear much positive about many airlines. I remember reading here that some people have had trouble with Delta and I have never had a problem with them.



MOST of the US airlines are in financial trouble. Most were shakey before 9/11 and most have been in bankrupcy - some several times.

Only a few have actually shut down operations.

I wouldn’t worry about booking on any of the majors and even most of the regionals.