US HHN Questions


Hello all. My DH and DD11 will be joining us this fall on out disney trip. I mentioned that we will be doing MNSSHP. No way shape or form they will go but want to go to HHN at US. I need all info on this as poss. When do tickets go on sale? Any pics and links toTR’s would be helpful. Thanks all


How old is your other child? Do they get scared easy? Universal says it not recommended for children under 13.


The one that will be going will be 12 time of travel. She loves things likethat.


Don’t take a little kid there. It’s really an adult environment.


Yeah, I don’t know. When I was a Florida resident it was known that Universal’s Halloween event was A LOT scarier & geared more towards adults; it was always popular amongst all the college kids. They even used to do an organized bus trip from my University up there for it. If possible, and if I had kids under the age of 13, I’d stick with Disney.


Wow. Thanks all. Madison and i are doind disney without a doubt but megan has been talking about this for about a year. I think one of her girl scout friends went and told her about it.
Is is just that its scary or is it more sick scary?


I went my freshman year of college with one of those college bus trips. It was definitely mostly college-age and up. I love scary stuff too, but it was just so overwhelming and frankly exhausting - there’s no where to go to get away from it. It’s not just walking through haunted houses, there are people sneaking up behind you and chasing you around all night long, everywhere you go. I ended up going into shops just to get a moment without some scary mask breathing over my shoulder. :pinch:

I’m not a parent so I really don’t think I can give advice for whether she should go or not. But if she does go, just make sure she knows it’s going to be a long, loud night. Lots of screaming and chainsaws. It can be fun to run around with a group of friends and cling to each other and scream bloody murder… but it does get old after a while. Maybe it will be better for her if she can leave when she’s had enough, rather than having to wait for when the bus is ready to go.


Lots of screaming and chainsaws. [/QUOTE]



Thanks jill. Thats something to think about. We did six flags and kings dominion. Its not for me so i will have to let her know of all the scary things to think about.



wow indeed. It still scared me even knowing the chainsaws were fake… I didn’t really trust people my own age with them. :laugh:

You’re welcome. I hope it helps!

And looking back I realize my review was kind of harsh. HHN just wasn’t for me, but a lot of my friends go to HHN every year and love it, so your daughter may have a blast. :happy: