Use WDW ticket at Disneyland?


This may be a weird question, but can you use a WDW ticket at Disneyland? For example, if you have a day or two left on a ticket that you bought for WDW, can you use it at Disneyland to get in?

Also, do you have to buy the no expiration option on your whole ticket or can you just buy it for the unused portion of your ticket?


No. Can’t say it any more plainly than that.
DL and WDW tickets aren’t interchangeable.

As for the no expire option, that is on the entire ticket, not the days you have left.


We have an AP’s for WDW. Our son lives in LA, so I asked at the ticket window. CM just shook her head NO. Of course I had my AMEX right behind my AP<g>.


SOMETIMES if you take your WDW ticket to Guest Relations they will be kind and work out a deal to get those last WDW Park Hopper days turned into DLR tickets…it doesnt always happen and generally unless it is a CM ticket, you cant use WDW tickets at DLR and visa versa. Call 1.714.781.7290 and ask to talk to Guest Relations/ticketing. Hope that helped!