Use year question and hom resort


We are ever closer to making DVC membership a done deal. My question now is what kind of use year do we need? Most of our trips for the next 15 years will be around school holidays. So we will vacation mostly in the summer, Thanksgiving week or spring break. What would be the best use year for us? Also, we really liked OKW so were leaning toward getting on the waiting list and buying there. However, I began thinking we should buy in at BLT so we have that option because likely hood is OKW will be open at the 7 month window even for the busier times we will be there. But the studios at BLT (which we choose for awhile until we buy more points) seem so small compared to OKWs but I’ve not actually seen one so I’m not sure. Any help would be GREAT!!!


Still don’t understand the Use Year, so I won’t be able to help you with that, but when we bought, even though we love AKV, and its usually our first pick to stay, we bought BLT. Same reason you mentioned. AKV is much larger, so a better chance to get it at the 7 month window. But, also BLT has the lowest maintenance fee due to size of property and lower maintenance of it being newer. Also, figured location, location, location would be helpful if we ever got in trouble and needed to sell it.


This may help you understand…

The use year refers to the twelve month period starting on the first day of the month of your assigned use year. Each year, Disney will add your annual allotment of points on the first day of your use year. Any previously banked points become available as well. Any borrowed points expire during the use year they were borrowed and should be used prior to your use year anniversary month.

For example: A February “use year” begins February 1 20XX and ends January 31 of the following year. A June use year begins June 1, 20XX and ends May 31 of the following year.

Some people have December use years, which means their points don’t physically get put into their account until December, but everyone gets points each and every year and has one full 12 month period to use those points. (Provided no banking or borrowing has been done.)

Some people prefer specific use years, because they travel the same time every year. To understand this concept it is important to understand the banking rules. If you vacation during the same month EVERY year and plan on doing so for the next 35 years or so, then you might pick a use year right before or during the month you travel, for one reason only: If you need to cancel one year, you are still within your initial 100% banking window that Disney designates as the first 8 months of your use year.

If you travel during various times of the year, like most folks, the use year should not be a consideration for you. We recommend you look for the best resale value at the property you want to own and disregard the use year reference.

Many people confuse the use year with the 11 month and 7 month reservation window. Remember, reservations can be made 11 months in advance from your TRAVEL date. (Which has nothing to do with your use year) If, when you travel, there will be points in your account, you can make that reservation 11 months in advance at your home resort and 7 months in advance at your non-home resort.

Disney allows you to borrow 100% of your upcoming year’s annual allocation once you are in the previous use year. Once you “borrow” points, you may not “put them back”, and they will expire in the current use year if not used.


I don’t get it much either, but we have a June use year. Right now we often travel in April on spring break. This is not a good use year for that because if we cancel we have to find a way to use them or loose them.

If you travel in the summer then a May use year seems like it would be good.


We travel during the summer so we wanted a use year that would allow us to bank our points if we had to cancel a summer trip. A late winter or spring use year works great for summer travel. A fall use year wouldn’t work well for summer travel since your banking window would have passed if you had to cancel a trip.