Using 2 quick service for 1 sit down


If we have the free dinning quick service can we use them for sit down dinning I am thinking this would be a good deal if u can we are not big eaters and can split a lunch out of pocket and use the free quick service for dinner


Sorry, but you will not be allowed to use any number of quick service meals in exchange for a sit down meal.


I just thought about it it is 2 sit downs for a signature right?


Yes, 2 TS credits for signature restaurants.


And this is where it’s messed up. You can’t use 2 QS for 1 TS meal, but you can use 1 TS for 1 QS meal. They’ll gladly take the excess that you’ve paid for in exchange for the cheaper meal, but not the other way around.


Probably because two counter service meals can cost less that most tables per person…not really sure why they do it that way.