Using Disney Reward Points...Please advise


I’ve never used a Disney Rewards Card for anything other than gifts for the kids. My DH :wub:and I are going on our Adults Only trip in 32 days…yes, that’s right 32 days and we CAN’T WAIT!:happy: What I’m wondering is this, can we use a Disney Rewards card for drinks by the pool or at PI? Please advise me as to what you’ve used your Disney Rewards card on in the past so I have a better understanding of what we can use ours for. Thanks!


Maybe, not sure what the “and more” is, but would not be surprised if it excluded alcohol.

Q: Where can I use my Disney Dream Reward DollarsSM?
A: Disney Dream Reward DollarsSM are good for most Disney merchandise, park tickets, hotels, food and more at participating locations. They may be used in combination with special offers and discounts.

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We used our Disney rewards card at out pool bar at WL… We had no problems. I am unsure about PI though.


If you havent yet, I would call and get the rewards card sent to you asap. You use the card just as you do a regular visa.


You can use it for annnyyytthiiinnggg basically. It’s just like cash. We used it at snack carts and shops until it was gone. I am sure that thing paid for at least 5 or 6 cocktails!


I am pretty sure you can use it for anything at all! Just like a credit card!


Yes…you can use it anywhere they have a credit card swiper.

Be sure to have some cash on hand since some of the remote stands sometimes have trouble with their machines or they are not connected to the system. That happened a few times to us this year and I usually just went to the next stand and they were working fine.


you can use your Disney Reward Card for anything at WDW. we used it just like cash, have a great time


we’ve used ours everywhere from the pool bar to the food carts in the parks.


Every time you use it there will be a “remainder dollars” amount at the bottom of the cash register reciept. It’s something like a debit card.


Thanks everyone, you guys always have the answers! I’ve already ordered and received my rewards card and added more points to cover all our extras.


Bella, I told my husband about the frozen drinks you and Dave got at Epcot…their definitely on our list of things to try!