Using DVC points at Poly?


Stupid question I’m sure but… can you use DVC points at non-DVC properties - like Poly? If so, where is there a point chart for these Disney hotels?



Yes, you can use your points at the Poly but it takes more points than a DVC resorts plus there’s a $95 booking fee. I’ll dig my planner out and look the points up for you.


You can, but it’s not as economically efficient as just using DVC points.

I would check out how many points it takes, then price the points (give it $11-12 a point since it’s a deluxe resort) and figure out how much you’re “paying” with DVC. Then play around on Expedia (I’ve found the best Disney resort rates here) and the Disney website, and see which is the better deal. It might be less expensive to just pay for the Poly out of your pocket then bank DVC points or rent them out.


thanks for the information. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth buying into DVC and trying to determine all options. Again, thanks!!


Don’t buy into DVC to stay at non-DVC resorts. The rates per night are MUCH higher point wise, plus there is that $#@% reservation fee. If you stay only 1 or 2 nights you are paying rack rate even just considering the annual dues cost. That said, I’ve done it before it’s SLIGHTLY cheaper, and will do it again I’m sure, but it’s NOT your best deal being a DVC member.

You can pay cash for reservations and get a discount which may be a better deal.

Email me and I’ll send you an acrobat file of the points chart for WDW non DVC resorts if you’d like.

If you are seriouosly considering buying, there are great incentive discounts available now (up to $16 off!) but I’m not sure how much longer they will be offered.