Using mouseketrips


Has anyone used Mousketrips to book your trip and make all of your arrangements for you. It sounds great but I’m wondering if I would feel more comfortable and be more assured that I’m getting the right answers by booking my trip by talking with Disney World reservations directly.

Any thoughts on this?


I think you will find that a travel agent like mouseketrips can give you a really personalized trip. TA’s that specialize in Disney are very, very well trained.

You should get in touch with our Dana, she is a mouske-agent and one of the best.


It’s really not that different booking through a TA or booking through Disney directly. I’ve used a TA when booking WDW before, and we ended up getting a great discount that I didn’t even know would work for us (we purchased an AP and saved big on the Grand Floridian - who would have thought?). These TAs are trained to book Disney vacations (graduated from the Disney College of Knowledge), and they are very dedicated so if they don’t know the answer to your questions, they’ll find out (they could very well be more knowledgeable than the Disney CM on the phone).

Like Dopey said, contact Dana! Here’s a link to her FB page:!/DisneywithDana


Like the above said, get in touch with Dana, she’ll do a great job for you!


Another thumbs up for Dana. Dana probably would check, double check and triple check everything for you …and that’s just on day one.


Get in touch with Dana and then sit back and relax. I guarantee you’ll not have to worry about a thing!


We used Mouseketrips four out of our five trips to WDW (before Dana joined). They are awesome!


I have called WDW and been given wrong info by CM’s (One trip, the CM kept telling me FW did not have boat service to MK!). I’d trust Dana over someone working in a call center any day.


I also suggest you use Dana. She’s been advising us for years and now has made it her career.


We’ve used Mousketrips also and they are WONDERFUL!!!


I’m so disappointed in the “customer service” when calling Disney nowadays…not like it used to be…


Mousketrips are the best! I wouldn’t use anyone else and we are from overseas! They will work their socks off to get you the best deals and discounts around- an amazing service from an amazing company- very highly recommended.


I have used Mouseketrips twice and their service is impeccable!

When the free dining was announced in early March the travel agent I usually work with, Keith, was actually in Disneyland (these guys visit the mouse alot!) and got up at like 5 or 6am PST to book our trip so we would get the free dining.

Highly recommended!


We have and are using them for our next trip in October and we love them. Scott who has been our agent for the last 3 trips is great. We book our own flights because it earier for us to use flier miles than to have them it it but everything else they do. Last time we had 3 other familes going and by the time the other got their date correct Scott must had made at least 10 changes for them.


I use destinations in Florida. 2 years now. They are great.


I use a AAA travel agent as I have AAA and the office is right next to the grocery store I go to. I’m sure I could do the same things she does myself but I’d much rather have someone do it who really knows what they are doing. I would agree with everyone else.


I have never heard of them. Is that the official name?


I’ve had great experiences with Scott at Mouseketrips, but next time I’m afraid I’ll have to go with Dana because she’s my sistah from another mother! :laugh: But it’s all Mouseketrips.

What I like about it is that if a discount comes out after you’ve booked, they’re on top of it and get you rebooked at the better price. You don’t have to worry about it!


yup. or @wdwfan on twitter. I made my original res on and transferred it, I got a $100 gift certificate