Using reward card as debit card?


I have been racking up my reward points to use towards my next trip. I was wondering if after I receive my reward card, can I use it to call Disney Travel and put that $ towards to balance of my trip cost? Not sure if I can just read to them the # on the card. Since I am booking a package I need to pay in full b/f the trip. Last year I did a room-only so I used my reward card at check-in.


I think that if you use your Disney Rewards Visa to purchase a Disney vacation there is a phone number that you call (look into your paperwork that you got when you signed up for the card, or call the customer service line) there is a 0% finacing option on all Disney vacations (or so I think). Check into this, it might be just what you are looking for!


Isn’t that only when you open the Visa card? I already have a Disney Visa and as of now I have over 400 reward dollars. Eventually I would like to apply that to my reservation, just not sure how that’s done.