Using reward dollars


to buy a gift card from the online Disney Store. Is that possible?? We won’t be going to WDW for a while and I have reward dollars that will expire at the end of this year. We always use the reward dollars to pay for our food so I got to thinking that I could buy a gift card that won’t expire. But I don’t want to purchase a gift card online, trying to use the reward dollars, only to discover they don’t accept them, and then have my Visa card charged for the amount. :huh:


Stupid computer . . .


Yes, you can…I did it last month!


Sweet!!! Thanks for taking the time to respond. :happy:


Oooh… you are really thinking! Great idea! :slight_smile:


And I got my gift card about three weeks ago so it’s locked up in the safe just waiting for our next Disney trip. :happy:


That’s probably smart putting it in a safe, in case of any emergency, but knowing me, out of sight, out of mind, and I would forget it. I have my annual pass, and gift cards already packed in my Disney travel tote. Not safe, but guaranteed will be with me at arrival.


Good point. But it’s always our food money so I’m pretty confident I won’t forget it. If I do, we don’t eat. :laugh::pinch: