Vacation 2010


My husband and I were discussing vacation options for next summer, and he said we could go to Disney again!!! Now just waiting to see if I get a PIN code again this year, or if we will try to go during free dining!!! Renting points is also an option. I am sooooo excited!! Thanks for letting me share!!


Congrats on getting to go! Anywhere you plan on staying?


I would really like to try AKV-u will have to let us know how u like it in jan.!!!


Ooooo yay! Let the planning begin! I love having a trip on the horizon!


Congrats! AKV is amazing!!


Highly recommend AKL. So LOVE it!!!


We really like AKV too. We thought our DGD would have loved it too. We hope to stay there for a few days next sept.


Must thread jack for a minute, I love your avatar!! Michael Buble!! :wub:


Just found out that close friends of ours may join us!!! What a blast this is gonna be!!!


Sounds like fun! Happy planning and fingers crossed for a pin code!!!:heart:


I’m a huge fan of AKL and I haven’t even been there yet, i’ll make sure to take pictures :).


That is great news… I have 7 years till m y next trip… but it’s going to fun planning that one…