Vacation booking


:flowers: I am lookng for a good travel agent for booking a disney vacation. AAA is a possibility but trying to find the best way , maybe even doing it myself over the internet. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks


Our very own Mickey runs Mouseketrips, there is a link on the first page. Many of the memebrs here have used him and have been very happy. He will work to get you the very best price out there.


Definately contact Mouseketrips like Diseny Teacher suggested. They are a Disney only travel agency who will take excellent care of you. I have booked two trips through them. :mickey:


We have took the plunge and booked for the first time with Mickey. He is great and he answers all my stupid questions! :laugh:
I have also got my friends to book with him, he is great! What more can I say! :mickey:


I also have used Mouseketrips,and they are wonderful.


We used Mouseketrips . . . Keith (Mickey) was awesome!! Very patient with my unending questions and several changes in plans. I would use them again in a Mickey heartbeat!


I use Jeannine at and they are also Disney Specialists. I have been very pleased. I have planned a number of trips and cruises and thus far have been very satisfied with her services.


I have also booked our entire vacation through Mouseketrips (Keith). Always used a travel agent in the past. Our trip this year is actually over $1000. less than last year and we are staying an extra night and paying for our DS’ park admission too (last year we booked the kids stay and play free package).

Mouseketrips are great. Just send them an e-mail detailing your information and they will get back to you.

Good luck in deciding.


Actually, I’ve found that often times travel agents quote me a higher price than Disney itself does. That’s weird, isn’t it? But I’ve never tried mouseketrips before.