Vacation cd


Hello all. Just wondering when the new vacation planner cd will be available for 2007. I know it is basically the same every year but i still enjoy getting them especially since will be there in January. Thanks.


I’ve got last year’s. I haven’t even watched it. i think the wife watched it once. But it’s right over here by the computer CDs in my office.


I didn’t get last year’s. I think it was the same as 2005’s…that one was horrible in my opinion. I know there is a link on the official site to order a free one. Try ordering it now and you should have plenty of time to get it and watch it before your trip.


i just order mine and i wait for 3-4 weeks. and i will get a new vacation dvd.:mickey:


i beleieve we got one about it, but i could be msitaken, all the boxes that come to this house have mickey on them


I just saw, if not this site then wdwMagic that they are just now filming it. The poster said they were filming potc when he was there last week.


WDW rules do you the released date for the new vacation dvd.


Poster said “No release date yet”. It is on the “other site”. It’s posted under News and Rumors. They have a discussion going on, hoping that Luke won’t be back.


Where did you find the source of this information WDW Rules?


I really disliked the “MAGICAL GATHERINGS” or “HAPPIEST CELEBRATION ON EARTH” DVD…whichever one has Erin, Luke and the other two. I mean, it does give all the info it should, however, I feel it REALLY lacked the MAGIC a WDW DVD should have. That’s why I continue to watch my old, played out, 2001-2002 planning video. I leave it in the car and the kids watch it all the time. And I tear up every time I hear it! I know the whole DVD by heart. :heart:

“Welcome to the place where magic lives…”

I hope they put the MAGIC back into the new one.


i have that vacation dvd. I hope this one is better then the old vacation Dvd. I hope Erin and gang will be the same guys for the “Year of A Million Dreams” celebration.


Oh, I never saw that one. I have been watching the one from 2005 and 2006. The only difference between those two is that they put in something about VMK and they have a short look at Expedition Everest added to the old one.


oh,I really like the 2006 vacation cd.We thought it was so funny.It kinda gave Disney a very fun look.Those guys were so funny. Loved it!!:closedeye


I saw it on WDWMAGIC.COM WDW, Walt Disney World News Rumors Photos Reviews Discussion Forum under News and Rumors.