Vacation Club rentals


A few years ago we were upgraded on a trip to Saratoga Springs. The place is awesome. We have considered the DVC, but haven’t been too serious about it. We’re planning an upcoming trip from 11/28 through 12/6. Is there some way to check for Vacation Club members that may want to sell that week to us if they’re not going to use it ? Still looking for a place for our family of 5.
Appreciate any information.



You can check out David’s Rental. I’ve never used it but I’ve read a lot about it and it seems to have a lot of activity.

You can also start a thread here and in other boards asking for members who have points to rent for your dates.


Thanks. I tried dealing directly with Disney in obtaining a price break on a Saratoga rental. Even though it shows as available online, they told me it was unavailable and they quoted me The Floridian. I thought the Saratoga was too expensive at $675 per night and they quoted me $780 per night at the Grand Floridian !


Disney doesn’t rent DVC points, they book DVC rooms at rack rate (or with a discount code). There’s a huge difference. DVC points are renting from $10-15 a point from members, that’s going to be a savings over disney.


Another vote for David’s Rentals. I’ve used them when I ran out of my own points. Definitely a much better deal to rent points from the timeshare owners (DVC) than to go through Disney with booking with them. By renting, you’ll get a deluxe room for the price a moderate through Disney. If you want more details, there is a DVC member site with a lot of information at