Vacation home rentals near Disney


If anyine rents houses when you go to disney what company do you go through??


Our neighbor had used when they went a few years ago and were totally happy with them.

I spent several weeks pouring over various homes/townhouses/condos on VRBO website and was ready to book with one until I read the cancellation policy; just couldn’t afford to lose that kind of money. Of course each owner is different and different policy.

I then stumbled across and found the house that we rented for our trip in November. I called and talked with the owner and there was just something that felt right about it so we booked.

I think a lot of it is going with your gut too. I called quite a few places and talked to several owners about their properties. I eliminated a lot of the places where the owners were in the UK or outside the US just because if there were issues, I’d rather deal with someone in the states.

There are pros and cons, just like with anything in life. The owners are taking a risk just as well as the renters are too. Most owners have a management company that is local as they’re generally out of the state. Be careful that the management company hasn’t rented the home the same time the owners have. We rented from a one owner rental and they use the home as their own for several weeks of the year (during the winter). This is our first time to rent a home and it was a very scary thought about paying the kind of money we are not having a large hotel chain to back you up.

Good luck! I sure hope everything goes well for myself too!!:laugh:


We’ve used Allstars several times.

Usually has a discount. Very reliable. very professional.

Never had any problems.


We usually rented from the individual home owners and not a company. The reason being that I like to see the actual house before renting and with the companies they only show you a picture of a house that is similar.

You can do a search for rental homes near Disney and the number of bedrooms you need, and a gazillion matches will pop up. Just watch be aware: some quoted prices include taxes and some do not. It’s very important when comparing prices, as the taxes add a good amount of $$.


We have always rented from individual owners when we stay at Disney. We found the best place to stay during our last visit. It was the quickest and easiest to get to Disney.
Abbey At Westhaven Vacation Rentals
This was a nice gated community near Champions Gate Golf Course. You could get on the highway quickly and to the parks.