Vacation Insurance


Vacation Insurance…do you purchase this or not when booking your WDW vacation?


For WDW vacations I never purchase the insurance. I feel that their cancellation policy is pretty good - unless you have to cancel the day b/f arrival. Also, it’s pretty easy just to rebook the trip. I worry more about the airfare.

For all other vacations (like when we go to an island) I absolutely get the travel insurance.


I have never bought the trip insurance. My DH’s parents (travel agents, for an expert opinion) gave us a cruise vacation for our honeymoon and they bought the travel insurance with that trip because it was a cruise during hurricane season.

I get a little antsy thinking about it sometimes, I mean anything can happen, but I probably would never buy it unless we had children (what if they got the chicken pox?) or we had a sick family member who wasn’t doing very well, like an elderly grandparent.


I suppose its different for us being International travellers but we always take out insurance that covers everything- however, as ssn points out, the Disney cancellation policy is more than fair.


I always buy the travel insurance since the summer my DS broke his arm 4 weeks before a planned trip and was not allowed to fly. The insurance made life easier.

Check your credit card policies. My Discover Card gives me free travel insurance whenever I purchase airline tickets.


If the company is “Travel Guard” I just want to say they are AWESOME! We only got travel insurance once and let me tell you, I was SOOO thankful we did!

It was our honeymoon in California ('03) & since I just got out of university, didn’t have a ‘real job’ yet, & we were moving out of state I temporarily didn’t have health insurance. I decided to get the travel insurance “just in case.”

WELL, I ended up getting a SEVERE case of strep throat, had to go to emergency care, get 2 different meds, & we missed a [non-refundable] night of our vacation. Travel Guard just had me fax all the receipts from our hotel fax & had they had the money deposited into our checking account within a few days!

Not only that but the LCD screen on my old Cannon camera got smashed in my luggage on the way home. I had to take it to a camera shop to confirm the damage & travel guard covered it. :smile:

I never got travel insurance again but for whatever reason I decided to get it on our honeymoon it TOTALLY paid off.

[Come to think of it I wish I would have had insurance last year when I left my Kodak camera in my pocket during RnRC and my LCD screen smashed again.]


We buy the insurance… I have had lost luggage and it took 4 days to find, with the insurance, they will replace items even if they are later found.

If you brake your camera they will replace it or get it fixed.


We purchased it once, because of medical reasons. My sister had to have surgery and we did not know when she was going to have it. It was a trip of me, my mom my sister and DD. We purchased a package. We wanted to be covered in case her surgery changed our plans. Otherwise I agree the cancellation policy is pretty good. We have AP and use the AP discount quite often for rooms. So for us- it is a five day out cancellation.