Vacation kingdom lunch certificates-


:confused: Vacation kingdom lunch certificates-

Can adults use a Child’s Vacation Kingdom lunch certificate? Do kids have to eat off the kid’s menu to use these certificates?



I believe that an adult ordering from an adult menu must use an adult certificate. A child, using a child’s certificate, orders from the children’s menu. When you are ordering your food from the counter, I can’t see how they would be able to tell who was eating what, so I guess an adult could use one if you wanted to, but you would be limited to the children’s menu. That is why they are priced differently. Hope this helps. These certificates are a bit confusing. I just starting getting into them myself.


Why would I get a certificate rather than paying at the food place? :confused:


Where do you get these certificates? Also anyone knows where I can find disney coupons?


Hi Pumpkin!
I am buying the vouchers to prepay for my food. It’s just my way of paying off the trip before it happens. That’s my plan anyway. These vouchers can be a good deal if used in the right places. You can get the adult breakfast voucher for $18.99. It includes a full breakfast. If you are going to Cinderella’s Royal Table, this is a great deal, because CRT cost $19.99 per adult +tax and gratuity. The vouchers are for the entire breakfast including tax and gratuity, so that a decent savings. Most character breakfasts average at $17 or so an adult + tax and tip. You are still saving with the vouchers here too. If used wisely, the vouchers are a great way to save a couple of dollars on some meals and prepay for them to boot. You can obviously get breakfast at WDW cheaper, but if you are planning to do character breakfasts, these are great. You can also buy Quick and Casual Lunch and dinner vouchers for a flat rate of $11.25 for both children and adults. These can be used at most counters service eateries and many of the resort food courts. There is also a few restaurants listed that accept these that make them a great deal. Beaches and Cream at the BC is a prime example of a great way to use these. I may only break even on many of these meals instead of saving money, but it’s paid in advance and less money I have to bring down there and more money I have for my favorite past time…shopping!

You can get these vouchers by joining for $7.95 a month. You can pay the $7.95, but your vouchers and then canncel your memebership at any time. I don’t know of ANY coupons for WDW. If there are some, I don’t know about them.