Vacation Planning DVD & WDW Passporter Ordered


Ok we booked our trip with all the kids, total of 7:huh: Yes we are extremely excited as this will be our first family trip with all the boys and their better halves.

This will be the first time we are going with the two older boys (my step sons) as their mom and grandparents have taken them every year. We are sooooo excited to be able to finally go to WDW with them! The younger of the two went with us in 2009 and now everyone wants to go together. I am hoping this will be the beginning of going on a nice vacation together every year:biggrin:

I’ve ordered the Vacation Planning DVD for my DS and his new DW, along with one for my other DS and his DGF. I’ve also pre-order a WDW Passporter for both to check out. We used my old one from 2009 during our Vacation Pow Wow last weekend. Right now I think they are all in WDW planning mode shock as the girls have not been since they were kids and did not realize what is all involved in planning a WDW vacation:eek: Which is why I ordered the book and DVD for them.

Everyone has their budgeted figures for the money they will need to chip in and we are sending our payment to rent points through a DVC member (awesome guy by the way). So hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out:pirate:


Yay!! Everyone on the family trip how fun. I always fear when mine get older they won’t want to come with us anymore. Good thinking ordering the DVD and passporter. Better that they feel overwhelmed now then when they get there and realize they are overwhelmed there.


Yes and DSS suggested everyone gets to pick one table restaurant each. I thought that was a good idea too! So they will have the book, and internet of course, to research where they want to go.